of a tea-party :)

my friend’s family is in town for a week or so and the family would like to meet the daughter’s friends..so i got invited to their small tea-time feast with a couple more friends..the family prepared some cucur, nasi goreng and some potato gratin..and we brought along some bubur pulut hitam, french toast and some garlic bread..well, turned out we actually had our dinner there! 😀

here are some of the photos taken around the apartment they’re renting.. 8)

this spot overlooks the harbour and the view here at night is stunning..
pardon me for the blurry image..it's just a phone's camera..
the feast we had 🙂
the guests..
the guest and the host..
and the other guest..

you know, we tend to carry our own cultural practices no matter where destiny brings us because we need to feel the comfort of home even when we’re away from home..we’d want to find all the ingredients needed to cook our traditional dishes..we’d want to bring along our movies and songs so we can still hear people speak the language so dear to us..and we’d bring our traditional clothes so we can still celebrate our traditional festivals..

like my friend’s family here..when they come to visit this country, they invited the people whom they can share a lot of things with e.g food and language..or practices e.g religious obligation and cultural beliefs..i mean, we need to feel belonged to make life more beautiful and livable..and our identity defines what makes us feel belonged..

and without me realizing it, my identity is strongly shaped by the place where i come from..so i am more than happy to accept the invitation because i want to feel belonged too 🙂 i miss home, i miss my family and i miss a lot of things at home..so thank you for having us Zaty! 😀


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