of being gifted..are they getting what they need..?

i’ve been reading a lot on gifted children for my assignment..and by gifted i mean those kids who are blessed with IQ 130 and above..and within this category of giftedness, they are further categorised into mildly gifted, moderately gifted and highly gifted..and the more i read about it, the more stressful i get because among the achievements of such kids, they are able to complete a-level at the age of 15..

i did my a-level at the age of 18 and i struggled everyday of my life at that point, to get each of my brain cells to work on each of the subject..haha..of course, i don’t fall into ‘gifted category’..that’s why..

like any of those disabled students, these group of gifted students need special care..they need the environment where their ability is traced as early as possible, and something could be done to help them maximise their cognitive potential..they are quite a human capital, you see..

the thing with our country is, well, we lack the institutions for the disabled students to begin with..let alone a highly trained teachers for the gifted students..how could we expect to have institutions for the gifted..we are even low at the research level..imagine how many human capitals have been put into waste..

can we ever catch up..?we don’t really bother to determine the child’s IQ level to begin with..and if we eventually do, can we race and develop something so quickly to cater for the different needs..?yes, they are gifted, and they are gifted in different subjects..some in math, some in art, some in politics and some in things we just can’t figure out what..may be all..?

what i’m saying is, we need the education system to work as quickly as we can..so we don’t put any more gifted students into waste..we need these group of people to help the country, and do strict business for the country, and not fall into the dirty, scandalous politics as we see it now..

i wish i could attend that school..haha..i imagine that school would be very safe justifying from those who live in there..i wish such place ever exists..who doesn’t want wolverine and storm or ice man to be their schoolmates..?LOL! so out of topic..

spoken poetry..and a birthday

the thing with assignment, it gives you things like –

1) high level of stress..

2) sleepless and restless nights..

3) a lot of distractions..

4) sickness..

5) breakouts!

and out of miseries as described above, i found this video, shared by my classmates via facebook..so this video introduced me to spoken poetry, and reunited me with the art of public speaking which i’ve long abandoned..i love how spoken poetry tells stories and of course when you have plenty of academic stuff to write, you’ll find writing poetry as more interesting..so may be..i’ll write a spoken poetry soon 🙂

i don’t read a lot, but i’m a keen observer..i watch and i listen..so spoken poetry makes up for some of the things i missed from reading..and you know what i like about being a teacher..?i love telling stories..i’m not a good teacher but i always love telling stories that could inspire my students to be good learners..enjoy the video..

nah~i’ll not describe in detail all the things assignments have given me..haha..

oh, today’s my brother’s birthday..the only sibling i have..and the most annoying person i’ve ever known..so happy birthday little brother..wish you well in everything..and please stop being so annoying..stop not trusting me with the cars, stop asking me to make up your bed and clean your room..or pick up your shirts on the floor..you know now i’m a good fencer, i’ll stab and slash you into pieces if you annoy me next time..so careful bro..

no, he doesn't look anything like me, he's from a different planet..

everybody knows that nobody really knows..*song of distracted-ness*

i was about to concentrate on the case studies i should be reading and write about but here i am, writing about my distracted-ness..congratulations to me, i know..hey it’s Friday!!! i shouldn’t be working so hard..i should be making it a happy day..so yeah, just bear with me until i finish writing craps over here, ya 😀

so the returning ticket has been confirmed..as much as i’m too lazy to finish the last bits and pieces of my studies here, it doesn’t make me all excited to go home and start working..i don’t know..i can study my whole life but i’m not sure if i’m ever ready to work my ass off and start earning for myself..i’m still too young to work~!!! *worst in-denial case*

so yesterday i was so overwhelmed..the ticket is confirmed, but i haven’t got my assignments done, or the packing sealed..i haven’t even started..the future seems so fierce i’m so scared to even start..and this place has been such a paradise to me..sobs sobs..and next week will be my last class as an undergraduate, here at vic..you’ll be missed..may we meet again..

and out of distraction, i found this:

chuck just ruined the bad boy image with this photo..uwaa~!!! give me back my old ruthless chuck bass!

and here’s a song which has nothing to do with my life, but the melody gives me peace of mind..john legend everybody knows..enjoy 🙂


of a polygamy..

  • it’s their nature, guys can love more than one person at a time..
  • but it’s the girls’ nature too, that they can’t share their love..
  • but in Islam, polygamy (specifically polygyny) is allowed under some circumstances..and some of the circumstances being:
  1. helping an old and/or poor widow who has difficulty raising her orphaned children..
  2. helping a new Muslim convert who’s no longer accepted by her family and needing a good guidance from another Muslim..
  3. helping a couple with a sterile wife to actually have children on his own, the legitimate way..
  4. helping the captives of war..
  5. helping a man with a chronically ill wife to get another wife to help manages his life, and at the same time helping the ill wife to keep a husband to care for her instead of opting for a divorce..

what i’m trying to say is, polygyny is permitted under some circumstances following an honourable intention..so if some men say –

“it’s more sinful if i commit adultery therefore i choose polygyny”

he’s just being selfish..because in most cases like the above, he’s undermining his economical state, he disregards his ability of doing justice to the older wife, he might not even think of his capability to manage the welfare of his children with the first wife..the driving forces of his decision are lust and tainted desires..

look guys,

if you choose polygyny when your wife has been carrying her duties faithfully, has been trying hard to take care of the household and has been taking good care of herself for you, a polygyny would be a tormenting psychological damage to her life..

imagine how painful it gets knowing your husband is having a girlfriend and planning to get married..imagine how embarrassing it gets when you have to tell your parents your husband is planning a second marriage..and how excruciatingly painful it becomes picturing your husband sleeping with someone else..

works for the women will be very daunting because she just cannot concentrate and she is deeply saddened by what is happening to her marriage..at that state of mind, parenting to the children might also be problematic..and don’t let me start on the stress and pressures and disappointment among the kids..

there will be a lot more nights where you have to eat dinner with someone familiar missing from his permanent spot..or the nights together will be different thinking you’re now sharing what used to be exclusively and rightfully yours..his arms now are not open for you and your kids alone as someone else is also finding comfort in that arms..and he’s happily lending them to her..

**i’m crying as i type this**

how could you let someone so fragile and harmless undergoes such pain..?an honourable man will not get himself involved in such a situation where he eventually needs to say “it’s more sinful if i commit adultery therefore i choose polygyny”

and an honourable man reads this until the sentence finishes..

If you fear that you might not treat the orphans justly, then marry the women that seem good to you: two, or three, or four..if you fear that you will not be able to treat them justly, then marry (only) one, or marry from among those whom your right hands possess..this will make it more likely that you will avoid injustice (An-nisa’ 4:3)

and will also understand that no matter how hard he tries to be absolutely fair, he can never be successful..

You will not be able to treat your wives with absolute justice not even when you keenly desire to do so..(it suffices in order to follow the Law of Allah that) you incline not wholly to one, leaving the other in suspense..if you act rightly and remain God-fearing, surely Allah is All-Forgiving, All-Compassionate (An-nisa’ 4:129)

polygyny is not a stapled rule for men..it’s an option given to an honourable hearts..not a lustrous monster..not to those who use God’s name in favour of their needs..but only to those who commit polygyny because of God..we can always tell the difference from the two..



i’ve been so passionate on quite a number of things that i’m doing, or at least used to do and to some extent, i just can’t get over them..one of the things being my high school years! i can write forever about those fantastic years i had but nah~let’s not go that far..but trust me, those who had gone through what we went through will agree with me..high school was quite a paradise..

i was in my school’s wind orchestra team and i remembered having to climb up the steps everytime after training..i loathed it back then..we’d curse the steps everytime we had to climb it up..how we wished there’s an escalator or a lift or a cable car or whatever that could help brought us up the hill..

i remembered we had to run around the field because we were so unfit we got asthmatic before we end the timeline..we were punished to stand under the scorching hot sun on sunday morning because we were late to practice..we were scolded like we had ruined the school just because we didn’t get the tempo right..there were quite a lot of brutality being practiced toward the guys but because flautists and some clarinetists were at the front row, we experienced a flying stand a few times..not to mention some flying score books..

i wasn’t the best player..so i always counted on the other flautists..but there was once when all of them were not there, and i had no choice but to play the most life threatening solo parts in Majestia..i got shiver all over me so yea, pitching was totally out, and when i had to play piccolo, i couldn’t even produce any sound from the piccolo..lucky it was just a training and the conductor was kind enough that day..i’d be dead by now if he was not in a good mood that day..

anyway, i just want to share my favourite malay song from the competitions we went to..it’s called suria by suhaimi yaacob..the arrangement for euphonium was the most melodious i’ve ever heard and i just couldn’t imagine how euphonium could be such a beautiful melody considering it’s not the typical instrument meant to be played as the melody..the solo part was in andante..the slower it got, the more melodious it sounded..

p/s: sorry i don’t have the time to edit the video and reduce the background noise..


keeping ourselves sane..

we haven't found the fun effects yet..so we make fun with ourselves!
nobody cares, like seriously..so keep on entertaining ourselves 😀
now we find it! wee~
trying to be ghosts..
unknown motive..
we've to squeeze to the centre of this thing to find the effect..
and now we discover that we can adjust the diameter of the effect..
look! cleft chin..LOL!
we are superhumans..
the only way i can have BIGGER eyes..LOL!
we're in the outer space~!!!


thoughts before i sleep..

i was hoping i could do the presentation this morning but i wasn’t lucky enough to secure a place for today’s presentation..so yeap, i’ll do it tomorrow..the pressure’s high because the previous groups were setting a high benchmark..they performed well, congratulations girls..hopefully i’ll do well too i’Allah..

i have nothing in particular to write tonight, just a few random thoughts before going to bed..

i was writing something about the NZE accent back in my 2nd year..when i read it again, i couldn’t help but being embarrassed with myself because i was being so selfish when i wrote it..and with little knowledge of linguistics at that time, i judged what i should be getting rightfully, in this country..when i actually didn’t do justice to what this country has to offer..

anyway, i’ve outgrown that now..and i’m glad that i don’t have such prejudice anymore..thank you to a reader whose reply made me realise i was being childish and selfish..

and, another random thing..

i’m still paving the path to a more mature self..in relationship i mean..to that significant other, do have faith in me, i’m trying my best..and i hope you do too..i love what we have, and Godwillingly, we’ll keep it as ours..

who we are, who we were, and who we will be..


social competence..

i’ve been spending almost 8 hours on my presentation and i stopped for today after 8 pages..seriously, 1 page for each hour..?!! oh God, clearly i was not concentrating enough..no..?may be the question’s too difficult..ahh~!!! 😥 whatever, i’ve stopped for now..let’s not think about that presentation..i’m 70% through and i have until Tuesday to complete it..i deserve some time off 🙂 and maybe some time to think of more ideas 💡

** off to take a shower..my head feels heavy **

ever heard of social competence..?things like attending a bbq party at a place where the only person you know is the host..and being able to socialise without having much difficulty or encountering awkward embarrassing moments..

well there’s a huge definition of social competence if we’re to look at it in different perspectives but let’s just settle with social competence in social setting like the above example..

you know such ability is shaped since childhood..how kids are socialized have great impact on their personality..kids generally are divided into three categories..the easy going lots, difficult and slow to warm up..when they’re small, however they behave are cognitively dependent..what we can do is help them adapt with socialization more easily..

with slow to warm up kids, abrupt changes in their environment is not good for their behavioral development..so if you’re deciding to move from one place to another, prepare them mentally or physically if you can afford to..like tell them they’ll meet some new friends at a new place..or show them photos of that new place *technology come in handy in this situation*..give them time to prepare themselves..

with difficult and withdrawn kids, they need your attention..they need secure attachment and attention to build up confidence so they will not grow up into a socially awkward person..if they are not given necessary help, school will be daunting to them as they prefer to be on their own..it will be long before they can learn how to initiate and maintain a friendship *if they ever know how*..it will take a long time before their judgements become more stable..and they need to be taught on how to make friends..

i mean, why should we give a damn on this matter..?

play is a basic need for the kids..and they need to learn how to play..would you deny such need..?

we used to be kids too and when we were that small, we don’t have enough vocabulary to voice out what we want..we can’t even tell if we have any problems with our friends..the next thing we realize is we have grown up to become a confuse teenager and we encounter such socially awkward moments..

it’s a social responsibility for adults to create a better society for the next generation..and i believe that all kids deserve an equal opportunity for education..they shouldn’t be neglected if they’re being slow or difficult..it’s for their development of social competence..


sing to me the song of the stars..

know what i feel like doing..?tell you the truth, i have no idea what i feel like doing..not that i don’t have anything to do..in fact i have plenty of things waiting to be completed..the thing is, i just can’t concentrate..

you know that feeling of having something so heavy hovering in your mind..?and that something is full of uncertainty and insecurity..can you help yourself not to think of that matter..?things have been difficult lately..and i’m trying to pick up the pieces..because quitting is never an option to me..unless it is imposed on me..

i wish life has manual book or a mind map..so i can be certain as to which way to choose to arrive at the safest destination..God, i’ve always been praying to you..and for the nth of time, please, guide me..

i'm looking for hope, if that is not too much to ask