the tear glands must be broken..

i was doing nothing much when suddenly i felt like wanting to listen to a specific song..and when i played that song out of my playlist, all the memories came playing at the front of my head..

the song reminded me to what i did last November, that was when i finished second trimester, doing nothing much while waiting impatiently to start summer school so i could go back to Malaysia for the summer break..

that was the time when i spent most of my time watching some cheesy Korean drama with my housemate..i would ask her to come to my room, we’d darken the room, set up the laptop, got ourselves comfortable in the duvets and when we finished one episode, we’d go crazy wanting to continue watching another episode..and when summer school started and we still haven’t finished the drama, we’d watch it before sleep and when we finished, we’d talk about that drama and imagine how would we want such sweet and cheesy scenes to happen to us..or fought over which hero we’re rooting for..

and when we finished that drama, these conversation took place..

k.long : yuyu, k.long rindu la boys over flower..

yuyu : k.long! kita rindu ji hoo! uwaa~~~ 😥

ah well, now you know what we’ve been watching..haha..yes, we watched boys over flower last year..k.long would describe passionately why jan di should choose jun pyo and i’d always stick with ji hoo for he’s more deserving and at some point i caught k.long making jun pyo her desktop background and i secretly printed out SS501’s because i’m stupid piano sheet so i could play that song..

and it’s may of the following year now..it’s been six months since we finished that drama but it felt like i just watched that drama with k.long yesterday..how time flies..

and today some friends tweeted about things we are expecting..of having to go back to Malaysia next month, having to do teaching experience for 3 months in MRSM, coming back for graduation and having to worry about working and getting married! and i immediately grew emotional to such expectations..

i was here, in the same room, last November, but this will not be my room again next November..and as i’m writing this on my bed at this moment, i just couldn’t imagine who will use this room, this bed, at the same time next year as i’ll not own this room anymore..

i mean, it’s so hard to leave this place, this university, this country and all of the memories i made..but i have to move on with my life..i have different phase of life i need to undergo so yes, this is me forcing myself to be ready for such changes..

dear MARA 1 friends, let’s all cherish our time here, learn as much as we can with all the time we have got left..make every second counts and do freeze the moments with loads of photos..WE’LL SO GONNA MISS THIS PLACE..uwaaa~~~ T_T 😥

oh, this’s the song i talked about above..

p/s: he’s adorable~~~he’s that quiet yet so determined guy with small fingers that magically work perfectly well for piano and strong arms that makes him swims well..but his love story is so sad 😦 but he’s strong enough to handle such turns in life..LOL! i’m a bit too overwhelmed with this drama..haha..


2 thoughts on “the tear glands must be broken..

  1. nyanyahhhhhhhhhhh kenapa kau letak video clip boys over flowers ni! mengundang tahu takkkk.. kang ade jugak org dok ulang2 tgk cte tu lagi (aku la tu). hahahahaha.. 😛
    apsal tak letak lagu almost paradise yg kite nyanyi2 dlm kete aritu? wahahaha.. oh tapi aku sokong kak long jgk. jun pyo adalah pilihan yg tepat. hihihi.. 😛
    anyways i like this line: ‘freeze the moments with loads of photos’

    mari kite kemho dgn lebih meriah lagi slepas ini. hehe..

    1. haha..itu la tujuan dia nyah..bagi kau mengundang! haha..adoi..aku pun gila jgak kat jun pyo tu..ketinggian dia sgt bagi dia asset ok..wahahaha..tapi aku tetap mahu ji hoo~!!!

      ok2..mari kte kemho dgn lebih meriah!

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