of some expectations..

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i think dely’s card was the last birthday card i’ve ever received this year..and thank you so much for all the cards girls..i really appreciate your thoughts..i mean, nothing beats a little get together with closest friends when family and loved ones are away from you..and it make that celebration more meaningful, seriously..

you know, when we get older we have different expectations in life and we look at things more seriously now..we’re assuming that there will be a stage when we are fully responsible to our life and we’ll be making big decisions in life like investing in properties or furthering your studies..

but some dear friends around me get a wee bit more excited on marriage.. 😀 it’s like “hey, no one will say it’s still too early for you to get married” or “yes, this is the time..see who’s gonna get into that phase first” something like those..so guess what they wrote in the birthday card they gave me..their home address..and a little message below it which read something like this –

“do send us your wedding invitation card..we can’t wait to attend your wedding”

haha..do you get what i mean..?well, i have the same expectation too..i mean towards my friends..with every birthday celebration i’d wish for them to be united with their soul mate and create a happy ending to their love story..it’s a mutual expectation among us, the young adults who have not entered that married-life phase and who are a bit too curious on what it feels like when you’re in that phase..

well i think the best part is when you’re waiting for such phase to happen..like, ok who’s next..?how they do their wedding..?what colour they use..?who comes to their wedding..?and who’s still available..?the chase and anticipation are what keep it exciting..but i guess such anticipation will eventually end when most of the people around you finally get married..and left you stressed out for you haven’t found the right one yet..well, let’s just say, don’t worry about that for now..we’re living in a different century from our grandparents and it so happens that delaying a marriage is no longer a taboo..i mean, take our time..marriage is more than just having a wonderful wedding..

haha..gosh! anyway, i can’t believe it it’s time for me and my friends to think of such things..ah~~~don’t worry friends, when the time comes i’ll send the invitation..and do send me your invitations too! i’d love to see your wedding..


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