favourite elements..

i’m planning to make a graduation/farewell video for my cohort so i was browsing through some photos for ideas when i felt like sharing what i found..among my favourite elements in photography were shadows, silhouette, sunset, reflections and a bit of retro finishing to the colouring of the photos..see what i found 🙂 **click on the photos, you’ll be directed to its origin website**

shadow in black black and white
silhouette i've been so keen to capture
sunset in winter..the thing with winter, it has those gloomy dark clouds that contradict beautifully with the ray of light during sun down
water reflection..be it objects or lights, clear water reflects them beautifully..and may be some miniature effects make it more dramatic..

i’m still working on the storyline but i must finish my assignment first before i get into this project because this’s so much fun than making the assignment – i’d get addicted to it and not bother finishing the assignment..and what i’m working on my assignment..?some environmental literacy 🙂


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