social competence..

i’ve been spending almost 8 hours on my presentation and i stopped for today after 8 pages..seriously, 1 page for each hour..?!! oh God, clearly i was not concentrating enough..no..?may be the question’s too difficult..ahh~!!! 😥 whatever, i’ve stopped for now..let’s not think about that presentation..i’m 70% through and i have until Tuesday to complete it..i deserve some time off 🙂 and maybe some time to think of more ideas 💡

** off to take a shower..my head feels heavy **

ever heard of social competence..?things like attending a bbq party at a place where the only person you know is the host..and being able to socialise without having much difficulty or encountering awkward embarrassing moments..

well there’s a huge definition of social competence if we’re to look at it in different perspectives but let’s just settle with social competence in social setting like the above example..

you know such ability is shaped since childhood..how kids are socialized have great impact on their personality..kids generally are divided into three categories..the easy going lots, difficult and slow to warm up..when they’re small, however they behave are cognitively dependent..what we can do is help them adapt with socialization more easily..

with slow to warm up kids, abrupt changes in their environment is not good for their behavioral development..so if you’re deciding to move from one place to another, prepare them mentally or physically if you can afford to..like tell them they’ll meet some new friends at a new place..or show them photos of that new place *technology come in handy in this situation*..give them time to prepare themselves..

with difficult and withdrawn kids, they need your attention..they need secure attachment and attention to build up confidence so they will not grow up into a socially awkward person..if they are not given necessary help, school will be daunting to them as they prefer to be on their own..it will be long before they can learn how to initiate and maintain a friendship *if they ever know how*..it will take a long time before their judgements become more stable..and they need to be taught on how to make friends..

i mean, why should we give a damn on this matter..?

play is a basic need for the kids..and they need to learn how to play..would you deny such need..?

we used to be kids too and when we were that small, we don’t have enough vocabulary to voice out what we want..we can’t even tell if we have any problems with our friends..the next thing we realize is we have grown up to become a confuse teenager and we encounter such socially awkward moments..

it’s a social responsibility for adults to create a better society for the next generation..and i believe that all kids deserve an equal opportunity for education..they shouldn’t be neglected if they’re being slow or difficult..it’s for their development of social competence..