keeping ourselves sane..

we haven't found the fun effects yet..so we make fun with ourselves!
nobody cares, like seriously..so keep on entertaining ourselves 😀
now we find it! wee~
trying to be ghosts..
unknown motive..
we've to squeeze to the centre of this thing to find the effect..
and now we discover that we can adjust the diameter of the effect..
look! cleft chin..LOL!
we are superhumans..
the only way i can have BIGGER eyes..LOL!
we're in the outer space~!!!


thoughts before i sleep..

i was hoping i could do the presentation this morning but i wasn’t lucky enough to secure a place for today’s presentation..so yeap, i’ll do it tomorrow..the pressure’s high because the previous groups were setting a high benchmark..they performed well, congratulations girls..hopefully i’ll do well too i’Allah..

i have nothing in particular to write tonight, just a few random thoughts before going to bed..

i was writing something about the NZE accent back in my 2nd year..when i read it again, i couldn’t help but being embarrassed with myself because i was being so selfish when i wrote it..and with little knowledge of linguistics at that time, i judged what i should be getting rightfully, in this country..when i actually didn’t do justice to what this country has to offer..

anyway, i’ve outgrown that now..and i’m glad that i don’t have such prejudice anymore..thank you to a reader whose reply made me realise i was being childish and selfish..

and, another random thing..

i’m still paving the path to a more mature self..in relationship i mean..to that significant other, do have faith in me, i’m trying my best..and i hope you do too..i love what we have, and Godwillingly, we’ll keep it as ours..

who we are, who we were, and who we will be..