thoughts before i sleep..

i was hoping i could do the presentation this morning but i wasn’t lucky enough to secure a place for today’s presentation..so yeap, i’ll do it tomorrow..the pressure’s high because the previous groups were setting a high benchmark..they performed well, congratulations girls..hopefully i’ll do well too i’Allah..

i have nothing in particular to write tonight, just a few random thoughts before going to bed..

i was writing something about the NZE accent back in my 2nd year..when i read it again, i couldn’t help but being embarrassed with myself because i was being so selfish when i wrote it..and with little knowledge of linguistics at that time, i judged what i should be getting rightfully, in this country..when i actually didn’t do justice to what this country has to offer..

anyway, i’ve outgrown that now..and i’m glad that i don’t have such prejudice anymore..thank you to a reader whose reply made me realise i was being childish and selfish..

and, another random thing..

i’m still paving the path to a more mature self..in relationship i mean..to that significant other, do have faith in me, i’m trying my best..and i hope you do too..i love what we have, and Godwillingly, we’ll keep it as ours..

who we are, who we were, and who we will be..


4 thoughts on “thoughts before i sleep..

    1. haha..i tulis dua cerita, tp yg tu jgak yg dpt perhatian..thank you anyway fatin 🙂

      *whispering* p/s: that was the point pun 😀

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