i’ve been so passionate on quite a number of things that i’m doing, or at least used to do and to some extent, i just can’t get over them..one of the things being my high school years! i can write forever about those fantastic years i had but nah~let’s not go that far..but trust me, those who had gone through what we went through will agree with me..high school was quite a paradise..

i was in my school’s wind orchestra team and i remembered having to climb up the steps everytime after training..i loathed it back then..we’d curse the steps everytime we had to climb it up..how we wished there’s an escalator or a lift or a cable car or whatever that could help brought us up the hill..

i remembered we had to run around the field because we were so unfit we got asthmatic before we end the timeline..we were punished to stand under the scorching hot sun on sunday morning because we were late to practice..we were scolded like we had ruined the school just because we didn’t get the tempo right..there were quite a lot of brutality being practiced toward the guys but because flautists and some clarinetists were at the front row, we experienced a flying stand a few times..not to mention some flying score books..

i wasn’t the best player..so i always counted on the other flautists..but there was once when all of them were not there, and i had no choice but to play the most life threatening solo parts in Majestia..i got shiver all over me so yea, pitching was totally out, and when i had to play piccolo, i couldn’t even produce any sound from the piccolo..lucky it was just a training and the conductor was kind enough that day..i’d be dead by now if he was not in a good mood that day..

anyway, i just want to share my favourite malay song from the competitions we went to..it’s called suria by suhaimi yaacob..the arrangement for euphonium was the most melodious i’ve ever heard and i just couldn’t imagine how euphonium could be such a beautiful melody considering it’s not the typical instrument meant to be played as the melody..the solo part was in andante..the slower it got, the more melodious it sounded..

p/s: sorry i don’t have the time to edit the video and reduce the background noise..