everybody knows that nobody really knows..*song of distracted-ness*

i was about to concentrate on the case studies i should be reading and write about but here i am, writing about my distracted-ness..congratulations to me, i know..hey it’s Friday!!! i shouldn’t be working so hard..i should be making it a happy day..so yeah, just bear with me until i finish writing craps over here, ya 😀

so the returning ticket has been confirmed..as much as i’m too lazy to finish the last bits and pieces of my studies here, it doesn’t make me all excited to go home and start working..i don’t know..i can study my whole life but i’m not sure if i’m ever ready to work my ass off and start earning for myself..i’m still too young to work~!!! *worst in-denial case*

so yesterday i was so overwhelmed..the ticket is confirmed, but i haven’t got my assignments done, or the packing sealed..i haven’t even started..the future seems so fierce i’m so scared to even start..and this place has been such a paradise to me..sobs sobs..and next week will be my last class as an undergraduate, here at vic..you’ll be missed..may we meet again..

and out of distraction, i found this:

chuck just ruined the bad boy image with this photo..uwaa~!!! give me back my old ruthless chuck bass!

and here’s a song which has nothing to do with my life, but the melody gives me peace of mind..john legend everybody knows..enjoy 🙂


4 thoughts on “everybody knows that nobody really knows..*song of distracted-ness*

  1. this is not fair! how can a person be so beautiful! (yes, talking bout ed, not leighton. haha).

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