spoken poetry..and a birthday

the thing with assignment, it gives you things like –

1) high level of stress..

2) sleepless and restless nights..

3) a lot of distractions..

4) sickness..

5) breakouts!

and out of miseries as described above, i found this video, shared by my classmates via facebook..so this video introduced me to spoken poetry, and reunited me with the art of public speaking which i’ve long abandoned..i love how spoken poetry tells stories and of course when you have plenty of academic stuff to write, you’ll find writing poetry as more interesting..so may be..i’ll write a spoken poetry soon 🙂

i don’t read a lot, but i’m a keen observer..i watch and i listen..so spoken poetry makes up for some of the things i missed from reading..and you know what i like about being a teacher..?i love telling stories..i’m not a good teacher but i always love telling stories that could inspire my students to be good learners..enjoy the video..

nah~i’ll not describe in detail all the things assignments have given me..haha..

oh, today’s my brother’s birthday..the only sibling i have..and the most annoying person i’ve ever known..so happy birthday little brother..wish you well in everything..and please stop being so annoying..stop not trusting me with the cars, stop asking me to make up your bed and clean your room..or pick up your shirts on the floor..you know now i’m a good fencer, i’ll stab and slash you into pieces if you annoy me next time..so careful bro..

no, he doesn't look anything like me, he's from a different planet..

8 thoughts on “spoken poetry..and a birthday

  1. wahaha, such a cute birthday wish! ni adik ko yg aku jumpe mase kat umah ko dlu ke? wow.. how time flies huh? happy birthday to him! ape ek name die? aku xigt lak.. huhu.. start hurup A kan?

    1. haha..haah la poms..kalau dia yg kau jumpa mmg xde org lain dh..idin la nama dia poms..

      oh! sila tgk video akak ni poms..kau sure suka~!!!

  2. eh??? idin ekk.. gome2… aku lupe.. last time i saw him he was very thin and tall. now he looks different than how i remembered him. lolz.

    oh? okay, mmgaku tunggu vid ni load. i’ve recently developed love towards spoken poetry ni. kalau ko dah balik msia, lets go together2 to poetry reading and see talented poets perform their masterpieces yah? =DD

    1. exactly! dh la dia mmg tinggi, pastu cuba2 menambah berat badan..konon2 nak jadi hero malaya palig gagah..duh~mcm gergasi ada la aku tgk..

      oh oh!!! spt biasa aku jgak la yg ketinggalan keta api..tak tau pun kewujudan spoken poetry ni poms..mahu~!!! tp aku xtau kat mana selalu derg stage/buat open mic..so kalau kau tau, jom2, kita pegi..pastu!!! aku baru discover, kat msia pn derg ada la jgak stage broadway shows..la la la..haha..aku suka~~~pastu nnti balik rumah dlm bilik sorg2, cuba2 tiru moves lentik2 derg..LOL! finally i’ll be back home poms! aku smpai tu, the next day aku report kat mara..jom meet up poms~!!! it’s been ages~!!!

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