of being gifted..are they getting what they need..?

i’ve been reading a lot on gifted children for my assignment..and by gifted i mean those kids who are blessed with IQ 130 and above..and within this category of giftedness, they are further categorised into mildly gifted, moderately gifted and highly gifted..and the more i read about it, the more stressful i get because among the achievements of such kids, they are able to complete a-level at the age of 15..

i did my a-level at the age of 18 and i struggled everyday of my life at that point, to get each of my brain cells to work on each of the subject..haha..of course, i don’t fall into ‘gifted category’..that’s why..

like any of those disabled students, these group of gifted students need special care..they need the environment where their ability is traced as early as possible, and something could be done to help them maximise their cognitive potential..they are quite a human capital, you see..

the thing with our country is, well, we lack the institutions for the disabled students to begin with..let alone a highly trained teachers for the gifted students..how could we expect to have institutions for the gifted..we are even low at the research level..imagine how many human capitals have been put into waste..

can we ever catch up..?we don’t really bother to determine the child’s IQ level to begin with..and if we eventually do, can we race and develop something so quickly to cater for the different needs..?yes, they are gifted, and they are gifted in different subjects..some in math, some in art, some in politics and some in things we just can’t figure out what..may be all..?

what i’m saying is, we need the education system to work as quickly as we can..so we don’t put any more gifted students into waste..we need these group of people to help the country, and do strict business for the country, and not fall into the dirty, scandalous politics as we see it now..

i wish i could attend that school..haha..i imagine that school would be very safe justifying from those who live in there..i wish such place ever exists..who doesn’t want wolverine and storm or ice man to be their schoolmates..?LOL! so out of topic..

8 thoughts on “of being gifted..are they getting what they need..?

  1. it’s true… they need special care not because of their extraordinary ability, but rather disability for not being able to integrate well with the rest of the student population.

    1. apparently, they need special care for both..for being gifted, and to help them with their social environment jgak, i.e their non-gifted peers..

    1. hahaha! betul la..selalu superheroes sorok ouh kuasa derg..cis..eh poms, tak tau ke, aku pun dpt masuk sekolah tu..aku pun ada special ability~~~

  2. haha. lawak dowh ending entry ni.

    But I do agree with you. We need more cluster schools and trained teachers. i myself doubt my own capabilities in the current system 0_o..

    1. mimi..tau tak pe..ada jgak yg tgh2 kita beriya mengajar, budak2 buat bunyi cengkerik..ngettt ngettt..tak pun..derg mcm “lame~” ahhh~!!! taknak jadi cikgu~!!! uwaaa~!! T_T

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