of a wedding preparation..

i attended a friend’s wedding yesterday with my girlfriends and the wedding was quite a ceremony..and since close friends are also planning for their big days, let me share with you some of the things that you have to consider before planning for the big day..

1) dates and location for the ceremony might not give you much of a problem..well, other than the cost and the prestige of that particular location (that very much depending on your budget)..what can give you problem is the catering service..you have to first, be the taster of the food, make sure they make what you pay them to make..get an efficient caterer, so they do not screw up – when the crowd is large but they’re running low on food..it’s NOT good to make the guests wait for their food..

2) u need a full dress rehearsal..and pre-wedding photography shoot..why..?because first, you will know the amount of light needed for that ceremony – that will match the colour of the outfit you’ve chosen..secondly, you will know how much make up is enough, how much make up is too little or too much..and finally your photographer can have a sound idea as to how much lighting is needed for the photos..so you don’t appear too oily in your own wedding photos..

3) door gift – if you have multiple entrances and exits, make sure the door gifts are available at multiple points..and now don’t you think it’s better to have a good control as to how many entrances and exits you should have..?and yes, a controlled number of guests too..because, what is the point of having too many guests if you cannot entertain them all..?

4) wedding gifts from the guests – i think there needs to be a proper handling of the gifts..

seriously, a wedding is more than just following all the customs and traditions..you also have to make sure the event is guests friendly, because that is the purpose of making a reception..to celebrate your big day with the invited guests, no..?

p.s from my observations too, if your skin contradicts your partner’s, allow the color to match the one with darker skin tone..because, which ever color matches the darker skin tone, will perfectly match the fairer tone..so doesn’t matter if the colour is not one of your favourites, at least it doesn’t make any one of you looks funny..i think..


i was kidnapped..

here’s a story..of what happened upon my arrival in Malaysia..it’s a pictorial story, so enjoy the photos 🙂 i was having calm flights..viewing sun rise to sunset..with a great company..and not so nice food..

the sun wasn't really went down yet..i couldn't get a better photo because i wasn't sitting beside the window..i'd post up a better photo when my seat mate send it to me..
the window was a bit dirty..spoiled my photo..but yeah, i wished i could describe what i saw, better..

then i arrived at the airport..with a little bit of an issue with my passport and oh, some drama at auckland airport with whatever steel i have in my body *i can tell now i’m related to wolverine so that’s why – we’ve threatening steel and untraceable surname*..anyway, as i touched down safely, i was greeted by these :

yes, he brought this..and unfortunately, i did not notice it until he's in front of my eyes..haha..thank you for coming 😀
and at the back of that page, was this page..LOL! 😀 imagine if suddenly a random person came to you and kissed you because they thought they could kiss you..haha..

and i was further surprised with a bag full of goodies..

for the places he's been and i wasn't..thank you 🙂 and i always love goodies..who doesn't 😉
and then mr polaroid came out from the goodie bag..another reason for me to do a happy dance! 😀 wee~!!! he had no idea how to use this machine tho everything was plugged in..look, mr present giver, you just need to take out the lense, then you're ready to snap a photo 🙂

then the tragedy happened..so my friends waited for me at the airport and i had no idea they were planning a tragedy to celebrate a four year – postponed birthday celebration..guess what, they planned for a kidnap..a car suddenly stopped in front of our car, somewhere near kota warisan..then two kidnappers covered in scarfs came asking for me to get out from the car..why didn’t they smash the car window at the first place..?everyone in the car actually unlocked the car when i was panicking trying to get the car locked..and yes, i did not understand why they didn’t try to run away from the kidnappers..and yes, i went out..trying to think for a solution..while shivering in fear..

i was kidnapped! taken into another car..and that’s when i realised, it was all planned! i came to notice who’s voice was it forcing me to keep quiet in the car..i came to know who the driver was but i couldn’t really tell because i was blind folded and my hands were tied! ya right..suddenly i was left stood in the middle of no where..and the next thing i did was coughing to puke the flour thrown at me..surprise~~~then i saw a few others..LOL!  it was a huge success guys..haha..

from left : IMI - the gangster driver | CUDA - best actress 2011 | LEA - successful in not bursting out the plan, tukang ikat tangan | ROSE - tukang pilih cili api dalam kuah pasta | FUAD - the gangster kidnapper | BEGUM - the cook | CHI CHI - the cook II | YOT - the confused plan maker and driver | JACK - the "let's do nothing when ur girlfriend is kidnapped" boyfriend..location : putrajaya bridge

haha..thank you guys..it was fun..thank you for the pavlova..thank you for the pasta..thank you for the experience! thank you for your time..it was sunday night and you guys ought to be working the next day..i appreciate it so much..to boyfriend, hello~ when your girlfriend is kidnapped, you should not stand still and “ngee~” with the plan maker! T_T


of that flight i had..

now the moment i’m writing this post, i’m no longer in my comfort room at 15 Waiteata Road..instead, i’m now where mom and dad are..away from the comforting home and fresh breeze of winter with magnificent painting of stars on clear winter sky..nevermind, i’m all set for a new start..another new beginning..

the flights were calm..i was flying from sunrise to sunset..so i had a couple of good photos to share but let’s not share the photos yet..let me share you the things i learned from the company i had..i did, i had a good company during the flight..

we talked about a lot of things..my seat mate was a pakistani..he’s doing his phd at massey university in auckland and he’s on his way to go back to karachi, so he could bring his newly graduated wife, to be with him in auckland..i had no idea he’s a muslim until he asked me, if the food they serve in malaysia are halal..

we talked about the language he speaks..his phd project and researches..yadda yadda yadda until we saw the light for sunset from 30000 feet above the sea level..then we talked about one language..we talked about islam..

i’m not telling all the details about what we’ve talked about, but i’d like to share one of the things he said that got straight into my brain for at least until we landed..and it still hovers in my head, now..that when we die, and for all the sins we’ve done we’re punished in hell, one thing we’d regret is we wouldn’t have the chance to repent or re-do what we’ve done the right way..we couldn’t have a second chance to correct ourselves..

“from the air, even the tallest building on earth is as small as an ant..even invisible sometimes”

“in the air, even when we’re in a big plane as this plane, the clouds seems never ending..they sure are bigger than this ship”

i thank God for that moment, for introducing me to such a wise man..and showing me His guides in such a way..glory be to Allah..and to mr nouman, thank you for sharing your wisdom and all the best in your studies..wishing you a prosper and blessed life 🙂


of what i call home..

i went to the airport earlier..sending off 6 of the girls who by now, should have been flying to our hometown..so this sunday, it will be my turn..it’s very sad to leave this place, but as a friend said, it’s about time for us to move on with our lives..the next time i come to visit this country, it will be different..it will be the place i ‘used’ to call home..but as for now, i can still call it ‘home’ at least until sunday..to the girls, i pray for your safe journey, God willingly..amin


of mixed feelings and being scared of death..

how do i summarize the transition..?so i’ve been very busy completing my final assignments..and when i finally submitted the last piece, i had plenty of free time, that i had the time to read blogs after blogs..until i stumbled into a blog that described the signs of death..

i’m a paranoid..when i watched grey’s anatomy and one of the patients was diagnosed with bone cancer, i suddenly thought i had a bone cancer..so i knew if i read it, i will eventually feel as if i’m experiencing all the signs..and as expected, i immediately thought, i was feeling the signs..God knows how scared i am now~!!!

well, for every living thing, we will eventually face the time when our Creator takes us back to where we come from..and it’s wise to be reminded about death..question is, are we ready..?trust me, for people like me, we will FIND reasons to justify why we’re not ready yet..

truth is, when the time comes, no greater power can save us..it’s the promise made even before we’re born..so if it’s true that i will no longer live say after 100 days, or 40 days, or even tomorrow, i would like to apologize for all my wrong doings, things i said, things i lied – intentionally or unintentionally..halalkan makan minum, terlebih terkurang..if in any case i do owe you, let me know so i can pay you back..hu~but trust me, i pray hard too for this to just be another series of paranoia 😦

i always have these mixed feelings – of fear and nervous everytime before i start an air travel..dear God, grant us safe journeys..amin..


melayu II

isi post ini saya tulis dalam bahasa melayu..saya sengaja..saya mahu sentuh minda manusia yang tuturkan bahasa ini..saya tulis berdasarkan apa yang saya nampak dengan mata sendiri, dengar dengan telinga sendiri..

bumi kiwi ini penduduknya berkulit putih, agamanya tidak pasti..mungkin golongan yang lebih berusia agama mereka lebih pasti, tapi generasi yang saya kenali, mereka lebih terbuka soal agama dan pegangan..

saya pergi ke pantai..lihat ombak, lihat matahari terbit, ada juga kapal terbang mahu berlepas..ciptaan Tuhan itu indah..ada lelaki, muda..menolak anaknya yang masih tidur dalam kereta kecil..bapanya mahu memanaskan badan, sebelum turun ke laut, mahu meluncur ombak jinak itu..katanya, kereta kecil itu harus dibuai-buai..takut nanti anak itu terjaga, tiada lagi gerakan melenakan tidurnya..katanya lagi, dengan jujur, biarkan ibu anaknya merasakan sedikit rehat dari lelah menjaga anak mereka..jujur, setuju..?

dari tutur kata pemuda itu, tidak sedikit pun dari lenggok bahasanya seperti ingin menggoda wanita muda yang bertanya kepadanya..jauh sekali bernada biadap atau berkurang ajar..

pemuda itu bukan islam yang pastinya..tetapi jujur itu, budi bahasa itu, tidak dimiliki semua orang islam, tidak dimiliki semua pemuda melayu..mengapa..?

situasi lain, saya lalui taman asuhan kanak-kanak sebelum sampai ke sekolah..setiap pagi anak-anak kecil dihantar ayahnya ke sekolah..si ayah yang pimpinkan tangan anak memasuki kawasan sekolah, ayah yang tunjukkan bekal sarapan dan makan tengah hari untuk anak..ayah juga yang menggalas beg bercorak puteri anggun berwarna merah jambu terang..sebelum ayahnya berangkat keluar untuk bekerja, ayah hadiahkan ciuman sayang kepada anak itu..sayang mereka sangat ikhlas..setuju..?

situasi seterusnya..saya sedang menunggu untuk melintas..lampu isyarat pejalan kaki itu masih merah cahayanya..saya terdengar bunyi detak tongkat dari belakang..saya menoleh..saya lihat sepasang suami isteri tua sedang berjalan perlahan berpimpin tangan menuju ke arah lampu isyarat yang sama..mereka rancak berbual..walau suara bergetar kesan penuaan..apa yang pasti, kisah cinta mereka masih kuat, walau fizikal mereka tidak lagi sekuat mana..jarang benar situati ini saya lihat di tanah air..mengapa mereka tidak seterbuka ini..?budaya..mungkin..tapi, kenapa salahkan sesuatu yang tidak ada hitam putihnya..?

kita bangga, malu itu budaya dan pegangan kita..tapi, mana malu itu hilang..?bila pak cik tua sudah beristeri, anak juga sudah remaja..tapi bila bercakap dengan perempuan muda, dia tidak malu untuk cuba menggoda..atau kesat tutur bahasa mereka bila mereka tidak dipedulikan..itukah malu, lelaki melayu..?

dan kenapa, bila sudah ada ikatan yang sah, yang perlu dibanggakan, tapi ikatan itu hanya sekadar formaliti untuk rujukan majlis pendaftaran negara..?kenapa malu untuk berjalan berpimpin tangan atau berpelukan tanda kegembiraan..?lebih malu jika dikata “orang tua buang tabiat”..?pakcik, malukah pak cik untuk tolong membukakan pintu kereta buat isteri pak cik..?jadi, malu ini betul lah ya, lelaki melayu..?apa yang betulnya..?tidak semua lelaki melayu abaikan isterinya, saya tahu..

kita melayu yang islam..bukan islaam yang dimelayukan..tapi kenapa kita sering terkeliru..?

saya tahu, perempuan juga ramai yang kurang melayu nya..tapi ramai juga yang dikata melayu berdasarkan rupa dan penampilan luaran..mereka cuba menutup apa yang islam sarankan untuk ditutup..mereka bercakap perlahan..melangkah anggun..tapi diantara mereka, mereka ada iri..ada sahaja yang mereka tidak senangi..ada saja yang mereka umpatkan..mengata dari belakang..menikam dari belakang..suami orang dijadikan isu perbualan..ada, segelintir..saya tahu, tidak semua..jadi, mana malu itu hilang..?mana melayunya perempuan-perempuan ini..?

tidak salah untuk kita cuba berubah jadi yang lebih baik..jangan tutup mata dari nampak apa yang baik untuk dicontohi..jangan salahkan budaya, kita betulkan apa yang biasa..kita biasakan dengan apa yang betul..maafkan kekasaran bahasa saya dalam post ini..


of capturing what mind could remember..

currently playing while i’m trying to write this post – john mayer’s say

1) i can’t believe it that i’m now in the process of writing the last assignment for my undergraduate years..well, i’ll still be an undergraduate at least until december this year, but yea, EPSY 320 will be the last 3000 word assignment i need to be writing before i finish my undergraduate studies in VUW..

2) now the ticket has also being confirmed..i’ll be flying off to Malaysia on June 19th..i miss Malaysia and the people and the food and practically everything about it..but i’m not ready yet to leave this place..and i think i never will..uwaa~!!! 😥

3) i’ve got all the boxes and things to pack under my nose but i just can’t bring myself to ensemble everything into those boxes..well, let’s just say..i’ll do it when i’m done writing the assignment..

ah~there are a few photos (of me) trying to explore this place before i fly home, so here are the photos..p/s i’ve just missed today’s frank kitt’s market..i’ll make sure i can catch it next week 😎

location: stonehenge, wairarapa entrance fee: $5 attractions: the maori's astrological site, best sound space - sing there, you'll be awed 😀
location: kaitoke regional park attractions: reservoirs and the woods
location: red rocks, island bay attractions: geological - rock formations and long beaches + seals
group photo - moving pose after pose for a multi shutter shots..i almost fall - imbalance effect 😉
trying to be adventurous..?no..i was escaping from adventure 😛

how can one NOT love this place..?well.it’s about time to move on with my life..praying for things to be made easy for me..and i’ll grow strong to have faith that things are do-able..and before i know it, i’ll be enjoying what i do..inshaallah..

closing song from my playlist: tinie tempah – written in the stars


i have two stories and i’m telling them both..

someone just slapped me in the face this morning..
and that someone shook me on my shoulder, and made me see the reality better..
but shortsighted-ness should not stop me from seeing that becoming a teacher would not allow me to earn millions..
then i realised,
hey, i’ve never wanted to be a teacher to get rich..
i was trying to do what i do best..
yes, i want to lead an army of fresh minds, into seeing what a foreign language has to offer..
ah~so all this while,
have i always wanted to become a teacher..?
but i know for certain, it was not my initial intention..
but again, time changes what i’m becoming..
so we’ll see if i’m ever meant to be a teacher..

so now library is my second home..
no, not that language learning center where i can quietly observe an eye candy..
but it’s on the second floor of that very library..
where i can see the sunset around 5pm..
and where i can feel that there’s someone else at the other end of the world..
who would be enjoying the same thing if he could be there..
but i have been enjoying the companies..
and was able to turn the real intention of being in such a place into a product..
they have been making the process slower, they did..
*whisper* of course i will not take the blame..
but i appreciate their presence more..
they help ease up the stress that have been keeping me awake many nights..
good luck lovely friends..
i will miss our time together when i’m back in hometown..

there it goes, my first spoken poetry,
(02/06/2011 – 12:55am)