i have two stories and i’m telling them both..

someone just slapped me in the face this morning..
and that someone shook me on my shoulder, and made me see the reality better..
but shortsighted-ness should not stop me from seeing that becoming a teacher would not allow me to earn millions..
then i realised,
hey, i’ve never wanted to be a teacher to get rich..
i was trying to do what i do best..
yes, i want to lead an army of fresh minds, into seeing what a foreign language has to offer..
ah~so all this while,
have i always wanted to become a teacher..?
but i know for certain, it was not my initial intention..
but again, time changes what i’m becoming..
so we’ll see if i’m ever meant to be a teacher..

so now library is my second home..
no, not that language learning center where i can quietly observe an eye candy..
but it’s on the second floor of that very library..
where i can see the sunset around 5pm..
and where i can feel that there’s someone else at the other end of the world..
who would be enjoying the same thing if he could be there..
but i have been enjoying the companies..
and was able to turn the real intention of being in such a place into a product..
they have been making the process slower, they did..
*whisper* of course i will not take the blame..
but i appreciate their presence more..
they help ease up the stress that have been keeping me awake many nights..
good luck lovely friends..
i will miss our time together when i’m back in hometown..

there it goes, my first spoken poetry,
(02/06/2011 – 12:55am)


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