of capturing what mind could remember..

currently playing while i’m trying to write this post – john mayer’s say

1) i can’t believe it that i’m now in the process of writing the last assignment for my undergraduate years..well, i’ll still be an undergraduate at least until december this year, but yea, EPSY 320 will be the last 3000 word assignment i need to be writing before i finish my undergraduate studies in VUW..

2) now the ticket has also being confirmed..i’ll be flying off to Malaysia on June 19th..i miss Malaysia and the people and the food and practically everything about it..but i’m not ready yet to leave this place..and i think i never will..uwaa~!!! πŸ˜₯

3) i’ve got all the boxes and things to pack under my nose but i just can’t bring myself to ensemble everything into those boxes..well, let’s just say..i’ll do it when i’m done writing the assignment..

ah~there are a few photos (of me) trying to explore this place before i fly home, so here are the photos..p/s i’ve just missed today’s frank kitt’s market..i’ll make sure i can catch it next week 😎

location: stonehenge, wairarapa entrance fee: $5 attractions: the maori's astrological site, best sound space - sing there, you'll be awed πŸ˜€
location: kaitoke regional park attractions: reservoirs and the woods
location: red rocks, island bay attractions: geological - rock formations and long beaches + seals
group photo - moving pose after pose for a multi shutter shots..i almost fall - imbalance effect πŸ˜‰
trying to be adventurous..?no..i was escaping from adventure πŸ˜›

how can one NOT love this place..?well.it’s about time to move on with my life..praying for things to be made easy for me..and i’ll grow strong to have faith that things are do-able..and before i know it, i’ll be enjoying what i do..inshaallah..

closing song from my playlist: tinie tempah – written in the stars


4 thoughts on “of capturing what mind could remember..

  1. SAYA RINDU WELLY. I really do. *sigh*. u know, the other day as i was driving back from work titibe my mind macam teringat time driving kat nz. omg, macam flash back gila. huhu

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