of mixed feelings and being scared of death..

how do i summarize the transition..?so i’ve been very busy completing my final assignments..and when i finally submitted the last piece, i had plenty of free time, that i had the time to read blogs after blogs..until i stumbled into a blog that described the signs of death..

i’m a paranoid..when i watched grey’s anatomy and one of the patients was diagnosed with bone cancer, i suddenly thought i had a bone cancer..so i knew if i read it, i will eventually feel as if i’m experiencing all the signs..and as expected, i immediately thought, i was feeling the signs..God knows how scared i am now~!!!

well, for every living thing, we will eventually face the time when our Creator takes us back to where we come from..and it’s wise to be reminded about death..question is, are we ready..?trust me, for people like me, we will FIND reasons to justify why we’re not ready yet..

truth is, when the time comes, no greater power can save us..it’s the promise made even before we’re born..so if it’s true that i will no longer live say after 100 days, or 40 days, or even tomorrow, i would like to apologize for all my wrong doings, things i said, things i lied – intentionally or unintentionally..halalkan makan minum, terlebih terkurang..if in any case i do owe you, let me know so i can pay you back..hu~but trust me, i pray hard too for this to just be another series of paranoia đŸ˜¦

i always have these mixed feelings – of fear and nervous everytime before i start an air travel..dear God, grant us safe journeys..amin..


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