of what i call home..

i went to the airport earlier..sending off 6 of the girls who by now, should have been flying to our hometown..so this sunday, it will be my turn..it’s very sad to leave this place, but as a friend said, it’s about time for us to move on with our lives..the next time i come to visit this country, it will be different..it will be the place i ‘used’ to call home..but as for now, i can still call it ‘home’ at least until sunday..to the girls, i pray for your safe journey, God willingly..amin


4 thoughts on “of what i call home..

  1. yeay!
    yuyu buat entry bout us!!
    dear yu, i wish u a safe journey home!
    Sila jgn exceed weight mcm kami
    jgn berpura2 sumbat brg dlm handbag dan bag laptop coz that didnt work for us
    booo makcik fiji yg jaga tpt tu
    take care yu!
    jaga passport elok2!!!
    jgn careless sgt
    n jgn stress2 rimas2 ok!
    jaga diri kt msia. dont get easily influenced by others 😛

    1. alhamdulillah semuanya ok..kena la jgak aku tertonggeng2 alih2 kan barang2 masuk dlm luggage..jadikan dia 25 kg..kena timbang jgak la cabin bag aku..tp ok je sbb 7 kg..and mak cik tu tak usik pun beg lap top aku..dia dh penat time korg tu..dh seharian keja..thank you for reminding cik sha! i need it 🙂

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