of that flight i had..

now the moment i’m writing this post, i’m no longer in my comfort room at 15 Waiteata Road..instead, i’m now where mom and dad are..away from the comforting home and fresh breeze of winter with magnificent painting of stars on clear winter sky..nevermind, i’m all set for a new start..another new beginning..

the flights were calm..i was flying from sunrise to sunset..so i had a couple of good photos to share but let’s not share the photos yet..let me share you the things i learned from the company i had..i did, i had a good company during the flight..

we talked about a lot of things..my seat mate was a pakistani..he’s doing his phd at massey university in auckland and he’s on his way to go back to karachi, so he could bring his newly graduated wife, to be with him in auckland..i had no idea he’s a muslim until he asked me, if the food they serve in malaysia are halal..

we talked about the language he speaks..his phd project and researches..yadda yadda yadda until we saw the light for sunset from 30000 feet above the sea level..then we talked about one language..we talked about islam..

i’m not telling all the details about what we’ve talked about, but i’d like to share one of the things he said that got straight into my brain for at least until we landed..and it still hovers in my head, now..that when we die, and for all the sins we’ve done we’re punished in hell, one thing we’d regret is we wouldn’t have the chance to repent or re-do what we’ve done the right way..we couldn’t have a second chance to correct ourselves..

“from the air, even the tallest building on earth is as small as an ant..even invisible sometimes”

“in the air, even when we’re in a big plane as this plane, the clouds seems never ending..they sure are bigger than this ship”

i thank God for that moment, for introducing me to such a wise man..and showing me His guides in such a way..glory be to Allah..and to mr nouman, thank you for sharing your wisdom and all the best in your studies..wishing you a prosper and blessed life 🙂


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