i was kidnapped..

here’s a story..of what happened upon my arrival in Malaysia..it’s a pictorial story, so enjoy the photos 🙂 i was having calm flights..viewing sun rise to sunset..with a great company..and not so nice food..

the sun wasn't really went down yet..i couldn't get a better photo because i wasn't sitting beside the window..i'd post up a better photo when my seat mate send it to me..
the window was a bit dirty..spoiled my photo..but yeah, i wished i could describe what i saw, better..

then i arrived at the airport..with a little bit of an issue with my passport and oh, some drama at auckland airport with whatever steel i have in my body *i can tell now i’m related to wolverine so that’s why – we’ve threatening steel and untraceable surname*..anyway, as i touched down safely, i was greeted by these :

yes, he brought this..and unfortunately, i did not notice it until he's in front of my eyes..haha..thank you for coming 😀
and at the back of that page, was this page..LOL! 😀 imagine if suddenly a random person came to you and kissed you because they thought they could kiss you..haha..

and i was further surprised with a bag full of goodies..

for the places he's been and i wasn't..thank you 🙂 and i always love goodies..who doesn't 😉
and then mr polaroid came out from the goodie bag..another reason for me to do a happy dance! 😀 wee~!!! he had no idea how to use this machine tho everything was plugged in..look, mr present giver, you just need to take out the lense, then you're ready to snap a photo 🙂

then the tragedy happened..so my friends waited for me at the airport and i had no idea they were planning a tragedy to celebrate a four year – postponed birthday celebration..guess what, they planned for a kidnap..a car suddenly stopped in front of our car, somewhere near kota warisan..then two kidnappers covered in scarfs came asking for me to get out from the car..why didn’t they smash the car window at the first place..?everyone in the car actually unlocked the car when i was panicking trying to get the car locked..and yes, i did not understand why they didn’t try to run away from the kidnappers..and yes, i went out..trying to think for a solution..while shivering in fear..

i was kidnapped! taken into another car..and that’s when i realised, it was all planned! i came to notice who’s voice was it forcing me to keep quiet in the car..i came to know who the driver was but i couldn’t really tell because i was blind folded and my hands were tied! ya right..suddenly i was left stood in the middle of no where..and the next thing i did was coughing to puke the flour thrown at me..surprise~~~then i saw a few others..LOL!  it was a huge success guys..haha..

from left : IMI - the gangster driver | CUDA - best actress 2011 | LEA - successful in not bursting out the plan, tukang ikat tangan | ROSE - tukang pilih cili api dalam kuah pasta | FUAD - the gangster kidnapper | BEGUM - the cook | CHI CHI - the cook II | YOT - the confused plan maker and driver | JACK - the "let's do nothing when ur girlfriend is kidnapped" boyfriend..location : putrajaya bridge

haha..thank you guys..it was fun..thank you for the pavlova..thank you for the pasta..thank you for the experience! thank you for your time..it was sunday night and you guys ought to be working the next day..i appreciate it so much..to boyfriend, hello~ when your girlfriend is kidnapped, you should not stand still and “ngee~” with the plan maker! T_T


17 thoughts on “i was kidnapped..

  1. hahahahaha! jack memang hawau. aku rasa nak smack down kepala die bile die TAK BERLAKON DENGAN YOT!!! tuh la ko yu. aku rasa bile ko kena kidnap betul2 jack confirm abaikan je. hahaha. *anyway, ade ke orang nak kidnap ko? haha*

    1. aku berdoa supaya xde siapa2 nak kidnap aku..scarry weh~!!! jack tu aku rs kau kena bagi peranan awal2..dia belum pro so dia belum biasa kena berlakon2 ni..next time sediakan script dulu..even xde dialog, tp dlm script tu bgtau dia, dia kena buat apa..adoi~~~LOL 😀

  2. eh yuyu besides cooking i was also the part of team culik tau..penat ak wat emergency break n try menyorok dr ko dlm keta tu tau..and i did it!! penculik kalo culik yuyu ade hantar balik kat tempat dorg culik sebab x tahan ngan instructionsssssss…

    1. hahahaha..chi! sumpah aku tak perasan ada kereta kat blkg..aku mmg ms tu fikir apa je aku boleh buat utk slmt kan diri..fikir, brp lama aku bleh bertahan kalau aku melawan, sbb derg ada ramai..hahaha..and aku pelik kenapa xde siapa pun yg tolong aku~!!! damn it~!!!

    1. sarah, bukan takat gelabah ok..mmg clueless, panic, freaking out..menggigil..tak tau kenapa aku tak menjerit..haha..

      you too sarah..welcome back home..jom2 prepare kan diri..kita dh kena mengajar FOR REAL ok lepas ni..all the best to us sarah..

  3. Aku tgh belakon “Cool” la begum… tho aku tau aku xpayah belakon cool pon sbnrnye.. =P jgn ckp xde org kidnap dia, we’ll never know. Mana tau org kidnap dia sbb x tahan dia betulkan grammar org lain ke? Haha..

    1. jack, tak cool dh ok..dh hopeless..uwaa~!!! bukti i shld not stop taking my fencing class..even better now..i need to take up kungfu! wachaaaa~~~

    2. omg! perasan gile kau jack! hahaha. tapi betul laa. mane ade orang tengah culik nak cakap instructionssssssssss kan? damn yuyu! hahaa

      1. instruction penting OK~~~baru la tau nak kena buat apa..p/s ahhh~!!! jack perasan~!!! boo jack~!!! 😀

    1. semua org nak tgk that panic expression..why~~~?!! haha..it was surreal ok poms..poms, kau kat mana..aku nak dtg JB ni lepak umah kau..

    1. tu la nyah..kau xde..xdpt nak enterframe camera baru..sobss..kalau kau ada, sure lakonan penculikan tu lebih dramatik..uwaa~!!!

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