of a wedding preparation..

i attended a friend’s wedding yesterday with my girlfriends and the wedding was quite a ceremony..and since close friends are also planning for their big days, let me share with you some of the things that you have to consider before planning for the big day..

1) dates and location for the ceremony might not give you much of a problem..well, other than the cost and the prestige of that particular location (that very much depending on your budget)..what can give you problem is the catering service..you have to first, be the taster of the food, make sure they make what you pay them to make..get an efficient caterer, so they do not screw up – when the crowd is large but they’re running low on food..it’s NOT good to make the guests wait for their food..

2) u need a full dress rehearsal..and pre-wedding photography shoot..why..?because first, you will know the amount of light needed for that ceremony – that will match the colour of the outfit you’ve chosen..secondly, you will know how much make up is enough, how much make up is too little or too much..and finally your photographer can have a sound idea as to how much lighting is needed for the photos..so you don’t appear too oily in your own wedding photos..

3) door gift – if you have multiple entrances and exits, make sure the door gifts are available at multiple points..and now don’t you think it’s better to have a good control as to how many entrances and exits you should have..?and yes, a controlled number of guests too..because, what is the point of having too many guests if you cannot entertain them all..?

4) wedding gifts from the guests – i think there needs to be a proper handling of the gifts..

seriously, a wedding is more than just following all the customs and traditions..you also have to make sure the event is guests friendly, because that is the purpose of making a reception..to celebrate your big day with the invited guests, no..?

p.s from my observations too, if your skin contradicts your partner’s, allow the color to match the one with darker skin tone..because, which ever color matches the darker skin tone, will perfectly match the fairer tone..so doesn’t matter if the colour is not one of your favourites, at least it doesn’t make any one of you looks funny..i think..


4 thoughts on “of a wedding preparation..

  1. pasal hadiah! so that tak perlu berebut2 mengangkat hadiah yang berat di kala KAU MELARIKAN DIRI!

    1. haha..aku tak melarikan diri la..aku membawa camera kau yg gedabak tu tau..cepat upload gambar begum..cover2 sket part victoria secret aku tu..nak jugak ckp~~~ la la la..

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