of the kenduri i had..

the people at my place just love putting up a kenduri..the most famous ‘types’ of kenduri being kenduri doa selamat and kenduri tahlil..and they put up kenduri doa selamat for whatever reasons possible..it could be to celebrate the birthday of one of the oldest family member in the house, or getting promoted at work, or to celebrate a newborn and yes, they put up kenduri to celebrate the coming ramadhan..

so yes, since most of the people were doing the kenduri, mom and grandma decided to put up one, too..and since all the coming weekends until the nearest to ramadhan were booked, they decided to put up the kenduri on Wednesday night after kuliyyah..so whoever came to the kuliyyah would then come to my place for some doa selamat and feast..

and did you know when mom and grandma decided to put up the kenduri..?on Sunday night people..of course not even one catering service company would accept such job in that “split-second” kind of notice..so what happened was, we cooked the dishes on our own..well preparing wasn’t really the ‘biggest’ deal (tho i was all furious doing everything on my own – of course everyone else’s working or attending school..it’s wednesday, what did i expect..?) and at that moment i so wished i should have had more siblings..not just me and my little brother – who happened to not be able to attend the kenduri at all..the biggest deal was to clean up..

well, God actually granted my wish..Begum, Yot and Ashraff came for the kenduri and they helped me with ALL of the cleaning processes..not that the mak cik(s) and kakak(s) were not helping but i’d rather do this kind of thing on my own..i’m a neat freak and i needed to make sure everything was cleaned properly..at least the way i wanted them to be cleaned..

again, thanks a lot guys! things were made easy with your presence and help..you don’t have to be blood related to me to do all those, and i owed you guys for that..and you know, since i got home, you guys had never failed to show me that what we have is more than just friendship..well, i need to write a different post for that but yeah, for this kenduri, i thank you 🙂


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