of choosing an accent..

try to say these:

1) kenduri

2) pencuri

3) memberi

4) berdiri

5) bergerak

well, listen to your production of r(s)..you do roll your r(s) don’t you..?hence it is highly likely for malays to roll their r(s) when they speak in English..and if you still haven’t noticed, we are very much influenced by media from the states, rather than from the UK so that explains the tendency for Malaysians in general to sound more like the Americans..

eh, what’s my point again..?haha..oh..i was queuing for my burger at McDonalds and i just couldn’t help but to eavesdrop at the conversations made by the people queuing in front of me..a couple of girls were talking to each other and to my hearing they sounded so American..and just behind them were two cheeky-but-a-bit-rude guys..upon listening to the girls, the guys mocked on the girls’ accent among themselves, and the girls remained un-noticing..

i mean, guys..can i hear how you speak English..?well even if you’re not fluent in that language and you claim to have a malay accent to that language, i bet you’ll say some words like “car” “bar” “war” with a rolled “r”..and American accent doesn’t stop at the production of “r”..

well, i can say that we’re a bit confused as to which accent we would like to incorporate in our production of English..most of our vowel productions doesn’t sound like American English..like the word “plant” as we tend to pronounce it as /plɑnt/ instead of /plænt/..or the word “past”..we say /pɑst/ instead of /pæst/, yes..?

now i think i’m making you more confuse..here’s the thing..let’s just let people use whatever accent they want to use and let’s not be so childish acting like a smarty pants mocking at their accent..we’re not native anyway so we have the privilege of choosing whichever accent we’d like use..some people adapt the American accent because their first language influences how they pronounce a particular letter hence a particular English word..can you automatically reduce your roll of “r”..?quite hard, no..?

i’m not saying which accent is more pleasant than which or which accent is more “English”..i’m just saying that it’s not wrong to adapt any of the accents..as long as they are syntactically right, phonetically sounds like English and morphologically looks like English, then it is intelligibly English..have i made myself understood..? 🙂 thank you for reading..


7 thoughts on “of choosing an accent..

    1. ou~balik dr german terus nak belaja bahasa german..i like that language myself..go for it ariff..good luck! 🙂

  1. cudnt agree more! nicely written yuyu! i myself pon rasa macam tatau which accent yg i gune sebenarnye. rojak kot. hahaha. contoh plg ketara is ‘company’. Since i’m dealing a lot with this term kan, some of the client pronounced company as “kompeni”, some “kampeni” . sorry i have to guna ejaan melayu sebab i donno how to use the ea’ a’ or ape2 yg mcm dalam dictionary tu. haha. so i kadang “kompeni” kadang2 “kampeni” sampai dah confused dah, hahahaha.

    1. oh..itu dh malaysian accent dh fatinn..perkataan melayu kan mmg sebut vowels as it is..e.g huruf ‘a’ bunyi /are/ huruf ‘o’ bunyi /oh/..so sebab tu pekataan company pun jadi /kompeni/..

      as with english, bunyi vowels dia tak sama dgn bunyi vowels bahasa..and sebab tu instead of pronouncing company as /kompeni/, derang sebut /kampeni/..

      yg penting, mana2 pun acceptable..sbb org recognize Malaysian English as a variation to English language..and kalau u guna rojak pun xpe, sbb that’s just how Malaysian English functions..like i said, we’re not native at the first place..

      thank you for reading fatin 🙂

  2. i like your post and needless to say that i agree with what u have said here. as for myself, i dont think i speak very good english, setakat nak cakap tu boleh la as a non native speaker… but im trying my best to improve my spoken english. none of my family members speaks english so i had to learn that language myself. and i chose to use english input from native speakers. and the other day, when i went to an interview, a mat salleh interviewed me and he said that i didnt have the local accent. i think what he meant was that i didnt have a strong local accent… so theres many reason that make a person developed certain accent. so i guess we cant use whatever accent that make our spoken english easier for our communication…anything that suits u and meet the very purpose of communication which is to understand each other…peace

    1. i mean, why try to imitate if you can produce something of your own, kan..? 🙂 and nolly, the definition of ‘good english’ is very subjective and it depends so much on each exclusive contexts..so if you can make native speakers understand you, let alone the non native speakers, you are a good speaker of english..native speakers too make grammatical errors mind you..so why bother so much..? 😀

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