of that inspirational articles..

there were three stories of some driven women i read from one of the magazines i bought for the purpose of getting me to at least read something when i wasn’t doing anything much..anyway, their stories had successfully struck me in the head and gotten me into thinking..on “hey, do you not want to try that..?”

one of the women from the article now runs a hotel, when she was initially a banker..another woman turned her cafe into a restaurant and hotel..and another person was in IT now running a skin care business..

they changed what they were doing because they believed in their passion..woman A loved traveling so she built a well equipped hotel that could cater to all the needs of the customers, by asking herself what would she want to have if she is the customer..woman B loved fine dining and it was near impossible for her to find a quality European food in her hometown..she was upset with such limitations that she decided to make a restaurant for that..so she made it even though she had to start small..as for woman C, she was so upset when she developed eczema during her younger age only to find out there were few skin care products available for her and they were all way too expensive..thus, she set up a one-stop shop in Malaysia where people could have access to a variety of products at different prices..

we do have a lot of things we complain about don’t we..?and with travel experiences you tend to compare the things you can easily get for cheap, overseas with their availability and prices at your own country..ok i’ll give you a couple of examples..

i was looking for a fossil strap around town and since there’s no fossil shop in my town, i couldn’t get a replacement for that strap..comparatively, if i were in Brisbane right now, i could buy a new fossil strap at a very reasonable price without having to enter every watch shop just to ask if they have any fossil strap..

and yeah, little that i know, that the Malaysian telco company will not suggest to you to opt for an electronic bill instead of the normal posted-bill..you have to inquire for that option instead of being told about that option..comparatively, the banks or telco companies i dealt with back in New Zealand would suggest such options to you so they could minimise their work and help you save in return..

back to the main stories of the three women i read from the magazine..what makes them different from me is, they have the drive to convert what they couldn’t get into something they could get..and luckily enough, by helping others to have access to what is now available, they are able to make profit from the things that have been upsetting them before..

sounds inspirational aren’t they..?indeed they are..the thing with this kind of stories are, we tend to question ourselves on the risks – are they worth taking..?we’re so afraid of failing aren’t we..?well, there will be no easy path to success, no one says it’s gonna be easy..all these three women started small and experienced a lot of problems when they started..but with determination and research, they managed to make their businesses successful..

so here i am, writing this as a reminder to myself..if one day i genuinely find one thing that i really want to change, i’ll do whatever it takes to turn it into a successful reality..Godwillingly


4 thoughts on “of that inspirational articles..

  1. To find that one thing that you really wanna change is hard, because there are lotsa things upsetting you :p whatever your passion is/are, i’ll try to support you, inshaAllah… πŸ™‚

    1. haha..i complained that much huh..cis..but yea, thank you boyfriend πŸ™‚ ❀

  2. Sounds familiar. Woman’s Weekly, right? I have this dilemma. I’m tired of doing what I’m doing right now. The story is so inspirational but yet I’m so afraid of failure. I want to start my own business, my own children clothing boutique. But the idea of having no steady income for a start, scare the life out of me. Sigh.

    1. spot on! it’s from woman’s weekly..

      well, we are all afraid of failure, that’s just nature..especially when we’re talking about a huge amount of financial capital..but here’s the thing yana..i think if you’ve done enough study (target customers, promotion wise – how you’ll do it, consistency of supply etc) you’ll not fail so easily..and yes, just like the three women, i think you can start small (so don’t worry about not having a steady income)..do a pilot project for a start just to see what are the sort of things you should be expecting..(i have no experience whatsoever but i REALLY think you can be successful) πŸ™‚

      you’ve quite an idea yana..i think you should pursue it..all the best yana! πŸ˜€

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