of a ruined nature..

all praises to God, that my weekend has been nothing less than splendid..it’s been wonderful, and thank you to those who have been making it special and meaningful 🙂

so my girlfriends and i were planning to celebrate our friend’s birthday and we had been planning to make it as a surprise celebration..however it turned out that Yot and I were so bad at keeping secrets that we did NOT realise we had accidentally blurted out the plan..congratulations to us, the birthday girl was so surprised with the “un-surprise-ness” 😀  and things actually did not work out as what we had planned..some changes made, we had our little sweet treats of ice creams, bought some pizzas and had some chilling moments at the waterfall in sungai gabai..read this, my friend Begum told a good story about our plans..

well, time with the girls was fun and perfect but what really disappoint me was the facilities at the waterfall area..i mean, visitors were charged per person, tho not much, but we expected some maintenance works could have been done..but hey, as visitors yourselves, couldn’t you be more responsible and civilised..?seriously it was not difficult to pack back all the stuff you brought with you when you came..whatever you brought if they were heavy before that should’ve been lighter by the time you were done..and please, even if it’s an open space area, could you please be more respectful toward the nature by not smoking as you please..?

the smell of leaves after rain was replaced by the smell of smoke..there was no fresh smell of the water, soil and woods..the smell of the smoke was too strong even nature could have been suffocated..and pee – yes the smell of pee was everywhere too..behind the tree, along the trail..come on, so the toilet stinks so you chose to pee at such places..?how clever..

i feel like covering all the attractions in Malaysia with a gigantic cloak..casting some spell on them so they can recuperate..and when everything has recovered, i’m not allowing any uncivilised creature to even think of entering..


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