now i’m up with some challenges, at square one..

with my Malaysian teaching experience, i got assigned to a school, quite nearby to my place..however, i do believe that it will be better for me and Shanes to be able to stay over at that school, so we don’t have to drive to school everyday, especially when we will not be given much allowance..

we are given a place to stay, Alhamdulillah..but let’s just say, they’d rather not provide us with any accommodation..there’s a room that we have to share, there’s a bed, with no matress..no fan..nevermind, Shanes and I will work out on that..so we requested for food, at least for dinner/sahur during the ramadhan..but they told us – they expected us to be independent on that..again, we’ll figure out what we can do in this given situation..

here they go, things do not work as how they are planned..with plans, you’re always given a choice, as to what kind of back up plans you want to come out with..whatever my back up plans are, i’m now determined that i have to solve things on my own..i will be having problems financially now that i’m considering to just stay at home so i’ll be driving to school everyday..which means i’ll be spending quite a bit on fuel..and food on my own..i’m not a little girl anymore that i can ask dad for my pocket money..so yea, i need to work on my spending..it will be embarrassing to ask dad for money at this age, wouldn’t it..?how i wish i’m still a little girl 😥

hopefully, i can find the exit soon enough

so now i’m praying hard, for at least, my learning process during the teaching experience will be made easy for me..Godwillingly..


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