of a commitment..

ok i have a lot to write tonight, so here goes another post for the night 😀 gee~

i don’t want to be all cheesy and awfully romantic here but hey, at some point in life, you’d feel to be wanting to love and be loved in return..to wanting to commit and be a commitment to a significant someone..and let’s just say, i’m reaching that point at this moment 😳

let me tell you some stories of my friends..there was this one time, when Chi2’s car broke down and his boyfriend had to work his way out, early in the morning, to help send chi2 to work, from Bangi to Puduraya..and with Begum, when his boyfriend’s waiting for his new car, she lent him her car so he could use the car to go to work..and now that his boyfriend has gotten his car, he would send and fetch Begum from work, so they could save up on fuel by using only one car..

well, there are plenty more stories that i can tell here to show you that, hey, things can be made easier with a little involvement of another concern and committed party..actually no, it’s more than just easing up things, it’s more like a fulfilling feeling..knowing that there’s a strong ground for you to fall back on..that even if you can’t find any help, you can find the support you need..

my point is..?well, i’m feeling a bit concern now with my commitment, and since the person whom i’m committing to has been catching up with a bit of sakit orang orang tua, i think i should stick up a diet note to him so at least, he can watch what he’s eating behind my back..and boyfriend, it’s so irony that you’ve been catching up with penyakit orang tua when you can’t even master the art of swallowing pills..oh come on~

this’s a guide for your meal intake..since you’re not exercising now, do eat right for your body..hopefully what you eat can also help you ease up the tense around your muscles 🙂

p/s : i can’t drive you to work like my friends did, or lend you my car or prepare meals for you..but i can help you to help yourself, at least, for now 🙂 i hope it’s helpful..take good care there!


6 thoughts on “of a commitment..

  1. HAHAHA… malu gile weh. u dont have to create a post for me.. *blush* 😀

    1. hypertension..nama kampung dia darah tinggi..pdhal bukan menteri pun nak fikir byk2 masalah..haha..

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