planning a family, do you do that..?

let’s just say i have plenty to talk about tonight that i just couldn’t be bothered to think about my first day at school tomorrow as a student teacher undergoing her teaching experience..let me just put all the related forms and template aside, and let me just share here, on a thing that has caught my attention lately..

that is, the use of “planning” for your family’s size..

this kind of happy time

the plans consist of using contraception, control the number of child birth, and plan the gap between born..i will not look into this matter in the sight of any religious beliefs because there’s only little that i know what each religious belief says about “family planning” but here’s my say about this matter..

i think, for a new couple who are about to start a new life together whose unstable financially, emotionally and physically it’s better for them to take time, at least to have a good financial planning for their kids..so when they eventually have a baby, they know what to do to support the growth of the baby..

a baby is a human being just like everyone of us just they are many years younger than us..and as a human being, they have the rights to getting adequate education, medical support, playtime with physically fit parents, social and emotional support from a well developed adult, and whatever needs they might be needing, especially when the kids are born with disabilities..

so if a child is born and deprived from such supports, imagine what kind of childhood they will be experiencing and eventually the kind of life they will be leading as an adult..breeding a kid, is actually building a life..without proper planning, you actually plan for an unstable life for the newly born baby..

and, if you don’t plan for how many kids you want to have and ended up having say 12 children, imagine the conflicts each of the child might be experiencing..can you be physically fit to cater for all the different needs of the child..?prepare them mentally that they will need to share a lot of things with their younger siblings..?would you be able to remember all the important dates and deadlines for each one of them..?i know it’s not impossible but you cannot do this without doing injustice to one of them..

all in all, you need to plan, so each of the kids can feel included, valued as himself/herself, and you yourself as parents can have a sound idea as to what to expect or do with each born..and be reminded too, you need to be their parents, until they reach adulthood..so you need to be sure yourself, you’ve guided them enough to be a successful adult..

but true too, what if you plan and when you’re ready you can’t seem to conceive easily..?em..good question..


2 thoughts on “planning a family, do you do that..?

  1. Dan bila awak tu berehat dan bersiap sedia mengajar, awak fikir pasal anak kan di bulan yang mulia ni… gatal!!~ :p

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