TE 2011

do you practice what you preach..?

it’s been quite a week with everything that is happening to me and my teaching experience..what i learn throughout my experience – it is hard for you to initiate any changes..here’s an example – one of my seniors refused to be a warden at her school and because of that, everyone at her school was giving her a silent treatment..i mean, could you not respect a person’s decision..?there must be a strong reason for a person not wanting to do a particular job..if you think you will not like that job what makes you think someone else will like that job..?

and why can’t schools appoint some staff who could specifically do that job..?i mean in this case, if they can pay the teachers to be the wardens, they can also hire some outside staffs to be the wardens..there needs to be a specialisation in this matter as much as you need specialisation among teachers and the subjects they teach..it’s simple logic! so teachers can focus on giving their very best as a teacher and not being bothered by unnecessary tasks..

you know teachers are no longer students..they have a different lives outside of the school..you’re being inhumane for denying such rights! though they’re paid to become wardens, that doesn’t mean they’re willing to carry out such duties..they’re forced to sacrifice their lives, their potential success outside of the school..they’re turned into robots..

to those whom this matter might be their concern, you’re not doing any follow up and follow through..have you ever asked the teachers if they’re happy having to become a warden..?have you ever checked with them if becoming a warden has been making their teaching more successful..?even if you asked, you did not do anything about it..so what’s the point of sending us abroad to learn that follow ups matters but it wont be carried out anyway..

boyfriend, we’ll migrate, that’s a decision..i’m so frustrated i wish i could change what’s happening but the system WON’T allow me..and thank you for being the kindest person to me throughout this challenging period..i really appreciate your effort 🙂


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