TE 2011

T.E day 9..

i didn’t have a good start yesterday..i almost got hit by a car before i even got out of my house area..alhamdulillah, nothing happened, but that incident gave me shivers at least until the end of the day..

so what happened at school..?well, it’s friday and i had an early morning class..it wasn’t well prepared but i managed to finish the class and the activity just in time and i didn’t take the next lesson’s time..

when we finished teaching we had a discussion session with my mentor and from that discussion, we sorted out a few things that should have been sorted out from day 1..but anyway, we now have a better view as to how many classes we will be taking up until week 11..we changed the home class arrangements and now i’m preparing myself for all the workloads..

all is well now, i’Allah..we’ll do alright..amin

p/s if anyone is looking for a song to teach adjectives to their students, you can try alanis morissette – hand in my pocket..90% of that song is made up of adjectives..


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