i still have something that i can use..there must be something..

i’ve been out and about with girlfriends over the weekend and as a result, i haven’t been getting the rest that i should be getting..so as i was writing this, half of my biology have been shutting themselves down..so i’m operating on a subconscious mode..

i was having iftaar with Yot this evening when we had the talk about life and future, and house and family, history and the present etc etc..those things young adults tend to talk about because they’re so anticipating the life as a real adult..

but anyway, after the talk we reached to a conclusion – some people are so busy chasing for the future that they tend to overlook what they have right underneath their nose..they do not try to work on what they have at that time that eventually they risk losing what they’re having..so in the future, they will achieve what they have been working on, but they might not still have what they used to have..

a lot of people are aware about this but very few are taking the actions to really appreciate what they have..well i do that a lot too..i complain about a lot of things – questioning why can’t i have this and that which to some extent, i fail to see there’s at least something that i can make full use of – something that is of equal importance but i fail to appreciate its presence..may be if i really use what i can have at least i can do something though i can make wonders..that’s so possible, yes..?

so yeah, speaking about relationship, i don’t have the privilege to meet up as frequently as i wish..or impulsively call him to fetch me from work because i was too scared to drive as i almost got hit that morning..or even to spend some time for iftaar together..but we can communicate still..so what can i do with that..?well at least i can try to make the communication successful and not let our professional lives interfere with that..so be it i get so exhausted from work..stressful over the workloads or simply so sick from the journey/travel, i’ll try to make time to communicate..that’s the least that i can do, perhaps..it’s a commitment i choose afterall..though i can’t make wonders with communication, at least i’m doing something that the relationship needs 🙂 Godwillingly..


2 thoughts on “i still have something that i can use..there must be something..

  1. matang sungguh entry nih. but it’s true! kadang2 kita lupaa untuk tgk apa yg kita ada skrg.

    1. cicer kena la matang..tau tak tadi ada 1 manila kad budak terjatuh sbb aku terlanggar..aku termencarut..aku ckp “no! shit!” ahhh~!!! macam mana aku nak jadi cikgu ni..?!

      but anyway, ye begum..sila appreciate and guna apa yg ada depan mata tu..buang tenaga je mengomel kau tak dpt itu tak dpt ini..ye, kita mmg terer bagi nasihat..buatnya..?*tak perlu jawab* :p haha..

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