TE 2011

T.E day 11..

day 11..

we’re on our third week of doing teaching experience, two weeks of teaching and it so happened that we screwed our teaching today..perhaps it’s the method we used but the cause to our problem was time management..

and now our main concern is – well it is true this is our time when we make mistakes with our teaching, but hey..we will be affecting the students’ input like it or not..can we afford to waste the already limited time for the students by making such mistakes..?it’s not only about us (the student teachers) to learn..it’s about the students too – they have the rights to learn what they should be learning by right..not being an instrument for some sort of experiments..God, dear students..i’ll make up for the time i’ve wasted..

hopefully tomorrow will be better for both of us..Godwillingly 🙂


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