it feels wonder when you’re made important and needed..

i act silly and stupid sometimes,
and i lied if i say i’m not clingy nor needy,
but true i’m becoming a person i’ve never thought i’d become,
no you did not cast any spell (not that i know),
but whatever i’m feeling feels like magic,
a singer from my mom’s generation says it right,
there were moments of gold and there were flashes of lights,
see if you can find the singer but i only meant this line alone,
relationship is not going to be easy or gets any easier,
and i mean yes,
no, i mean no..
i can’t describe how it feels when you make me as an important person to you,
i lost for words to tell you how it feels when i feel needed,
so let me make it clear to you then..
hey you, true you’re important, true i need you, you know it i know 😀
and if you haven’t seen them yet,
i’m flawed and never close to perfection,
so that explains the flashes of lights i’ve been giving you,
i’m sorry but i’m trying my best,
and i do love you

i know, it feels wonders..


2 thoughts on “it feels wonder when you’re made important and needed..

    1. i heard somewhere this morning, Malaysia is the 2nd country with the most flash lights in the world..takut tak :p

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