TE 2011

T.E day 12 part II..

you know most of the comments i received so far read something like this –

“you appeared to be very firm and unapproachable to the students”

and with the form two class i taught today, i could see that they moved like robots..learned as if they were forced to learned..i could see tense on their shoulders and back..

dear students, i’m sorry i have to experiment things like that to you..i need to learn the features of an ideal teacher..i hate it too that i have to be strict – i put on a lot of stress on my muscles too..but let me finish this phase first..hopefully by the end of this practical i will know how to be a good teacher – who does not need to be all strict and firm to make the students listen and who can help make learning an enjoyable process..

i’m so sorry students..

your student teacher


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