TE 2011

T.E day 12..

i went to a form four class this afternoon and to my surprise, their level of English was way poorer than the form two students..looking into this matter i came to realise that there would not be much difference if they were to be drilled into scoring for their exams..

the way i see it, learning a second language nevermind the reasons for you to start learning it, the end product will be for you to be able to use the language to communicate..but if the main goal is set to be “scoring A for the exam” from the beginning of the process, how could you expect the users to be able to communicate using that target language..?all they can do is to answer all the questions in the exams..

with the current system, teachers are made to believe that students must be able to score in their exams so they can have better opportunities for their tertiary education..looking on the surface of that statement, it seems like nothing is wrong..true, that your achievement in secondary education determines what you can do in your tertiary education..however, such expectations put unnecessary pressures to both students and teachers..

i mean, come on..learning a language can be made fun if the aim is to help students to use the target language successfully..but when the aim is shifted to scoring As and nothing less, doesn’t that change how students perceive the language..?they might have a little interest towards the language but with unnecessary pressure for them to score, would it not crunch their interest in learning the language..?they will only see the learning process as a burden..

true they need to score As in their exams so they can pursue their tertiary education in prominent institutions..but what’s the point if they can prove their ability technically on certificate but they fail miserably to practically prove their ability..?it sure will affect their self esteem believe it or not..

screw the education system..sad, i can’t really change a lot..


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