what’s on my mind..?

1) i’ve been writing a lot about my T.E and helplessly, relationship related posts..i really should be getting some reads..so i can make this blog breathe again..seriously T.E and relationship are consuming a huge amount of my emotions i feel like suffocating..

2) raya is coming soon and i really can’t make a decision that could favour dad..i really don’t feel belonged to my other side of family and after a few years now, i really wish i could spend a long raya break with the other side..dear dad, i really wish you could understand and i’m terribly sorry..i’ll go there for raya haji, ya..

3) i’m still so amused with the little kids i’m teaching..they are very cute little boys walking on small feet wearing seluar pinggang getah that the belt they used serves no purpose at all..the bag pack they’re carrying still look oversized compared to their little, underdeveloped figure..i mean, hey~they are just too adorable to be in form one or form two even..seriously kids, are you sure you should be learning all these complex grammatical rules and not go back to kindie or primary school..?haha..they make me feel old..and yes, they make me feel like having my own little boy đŸ™‚

4) i really feel like i need a break and being an intern now really curbs the amount of money i should be spending..let’s just say, alright..i’ll save for now..and when condition permits, i’ll spend it where i want to be the most nevermind the cost..question is..?haha..am i being realistic now..?

5) i’ve really been looking for this year’s ramadan and i’ve been expecting several sessions of iftaar with the girls but until now *almost reaching the third week* non of our plans is successful..em, we’re growing up..we now have different commitments and expectations so yeah, we need to make family as our priority..we know we’re missing each other and yes, we’re still making plans..hopefully we can gather for iftaar at least once, this year..dear begum, tahun ni last ok kau nak buka puasa dengan kitorang dan masih berstatus single..tahun depan puasa kau dah tak single ok~!!!


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