TE 2011

T.E day 15..

1) when she said she might be coming in late, she meant – no, i won’t be coming..

2) it is highly likely for the school to be running out of toner for the printers..and do not expect to find printers with toner in other departments..even the photocopier is inaccessible..

3) authentic classroom – things can go wrong all at once..suddenly the DVD player is having some sort of a heart attack, the LCD projector is speaking a foreign language, the plug point is undergoing a surgery..and no! the speaker is suffering from TB that it loses its voice..and one of your students is needing a medical attention but you can’t leave the classroom unattended..and yes, your mentor teacher wouldn’t be understanding your situation and questions back why would you need such support and resources for your teaching..

4) teachers, we need 2 or 3 back up plans..

5) marking essays..all the best teachers..how you wish you’re only teaching basic writing to little kids..at least all they write are alphabets..small or in capitals..not some unintelligible combination of English words..

6) unmotivated teachers and very limited resources..tell me how can i help, please..i really want to..


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