TE 2011

T.E day 16..

when she said, “you don’t need me to be in the class do you?” i felt like doing a happy dance as i didn’t have to worry that she would change my lesson plan..so i managed to do some listening activities with the class though i had some difficulties with the technology before starting the activities..ah well, we managed somehow 🙂 the kids were happy with what they’re doing and i was happy too because i helped them learn the enjoyable way..most importantly, what i used was the closest to authenticity – the best that i could find..

we had majlis khatam quran yesterday followed by an iftaar after that..i had good companies but overall, i didn’t really enjoy participating on the events put up by the schools..i mean, phew~i have plenty of reasons to not liking to join the events but let’s just say, i’d rather keep them to myself..but one that i can share, i just don’t like seeing the students looking at the teachers who were having way proper meals than what they’re having..unfair, don’t you think..?so if we can’t afford to pay for the same food to all of the students, would it kill you to enjoy what they’re having..?older people are mean sometimes..*sigh~*


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