of hari raya and her engagement..

i woke up feeling sentimental this morning..may be it’s the calm feeling of not having to go to work, or simply not having to think about making lesson plans..ah well, true..it’s all about not going to school :p

anyway, it’s been such a beautiful raya celebration with family and friends..a few days before raya were the most tiring days but those were the kind of things i’ve been missing for having to celebrate raya abroad the past few years..so i’m back in my hometown now, and a few days before raya i helped grandma prepared our must-have dishes for pagi raya – lemang and rendang daging..so no, i don’t know how to fold the coconut leaves to make ketupat but i know how to make a scrumptious lemang 🙂

that's the first few batch..we made quite a number of lemang that day..

i didn’t have a raya photo did i..?no i didn’t have! the family’s photo was taken when i haven’t even taken a shower..so that explained my absence in the family photo..well i think i had! from begum’s camera when we had our raya trip last friday..nevermind, begum’s too busy to upload them because she needed to catch up with her work after a tiring and eventful raya break 😀

and speaking of begum, well, i’d like to congratulate her for now she’s someone’s fiance..so i’m wishing you all the best with your engagement and i do pray for the smoothness of the overall processes..learn as many things possible as you’re one step closer to become someone’s wife and mother! don’t stress out yourself so much with the preparation matters as we’ll try our best to help around..we can’t wait for you big day begum! 🙂

so that's her, my friend with ADHD, being able to sit quietly without complaining kaki semut semut as she waited patiently for fuad's mother to hand her the engagement ring..
with lea's mak usu who loved our company..we love you too mak usu! sitting from left - anis, sal, yot, chi2, nurul..sitting in the middle - lea, mak usu..at the back - bella, begum & cuda the mak andam..

you know right after the ceremony we headed out to lea’s house because the last time we had our raya trip we didn’t get to go to her house..and instead of having the usual kuih raya (sebab memang tujuan asal nak beraya kan..?) the girls went straight to the kitchen looking for some lauk and helped themselves for another round of lunch..i mean, hey! we can do that at our friend’s house..the nenek the mom and the mak usu knew us so well like we’re family..we know it’s not the best thing to do but we can do that..i even took a shower there..girls, we really can’t buy this anywhere..

and oh, it’s been a while since i last received duit raya and anyway this year would be the last raya for me to enjoy receiving duit raya as Godwillingly, i’ll start to give away duit raya starting next year..and oh, thank you to mr boyfriend for giving me duit raya and for that split second i felt like a little girl 🙂 😳

gee 🙂

10 thoughts on “of hari raya and her engagement..

  1. pegi rumah kawan2 pon x perlu la nk mandi kan… adoi ai~
    tgk abes belipat duit raya tu. ah, i feel unappreciated. T_T

      1. krik krik..g mintak kat encik husband-to-be kau :p begum, aku tak dpt pun duit raya dr kau..cake aritu pun tak dpt..uwaa~!! T_T

      2. Eh duit raya? Tggu ko nk kawen la nnt begum aku bg.. time tu dah after raya cina kan? pon boleh… :p

    1. Aku pon xtau cane nk skolahkan ayuzie ni.. padahal hari2 pegi skolah. dah xde harapan kot, dh jd buluh.. 😦 ingat2 la sket rukun negara kelima.. sigh~

      1. eh eh..ha siapa taknak ikot balik rumah skrg..kalau tak boleh je mandi kat rumah sendiri..dh dekat sgt je pun..siapa yg tak ingat rukun negara ke 5 skrg..?

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