school starts tomorrow..

most of my friends (fellow student-teachers friends) will be starting school tomorrow and most of the comments i read from their facebook’s status don’t really show excitements to start undergoing practical again..

so that left me wondering..

i mean, for some of us, teaching is what they like the most..and what they do best..however, finishing the break and having to leave home to start teaching again appears to be extremely daunting for most of us..that’s ironic and sounds a bit wrong, don’t you think..?

let’s just say, with practical, we are not real teachers yet..we’re both students and teachers at the same time..we do both – studying and teaching, minus the “paid” part..so we practically don’t feel belonged to the school, to the classrooms and to the non-classroom works that we have to do..and frankly speaking, we do this because we need this to graduate..and it’s exhausting only because we still do it whole-heartedly..we still take our temporary responsibilities seriously..

hopefully we’ll only feel this for this practical..we’ll see how we’d feel next year..to all the girls, wishing you guys all the best with the reopening of school starting tomorrow, ya đŸ™‚

p/s : but with the current system, i really wish the 5 years will fly as fast as a flash..and to the interviewers, they should be asking things like “would you be willing to work under such and such system that you have to be such and such for such and such period of time and be able to sacrifice such and such”..not simple questions like “why do you want to become a teacher” or “who inspires you to become a teacher”..make it clear as to what you’re expecting from us..thank you..


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