TE 2011

T.E day 20..

i had two classes yesterday and i could tell that if your activity’s engaging enough, you’d get the responses you want..the key point is – provide some very good prompts..the topic can be very unfamiliar with the students but with appropriate prompts students will see what you’re trying to make them understand..

and some students might be more participating than the rest of their classmates but do not let the more passive ones remain passive..and do not assume that they’re quiet because they don’t know what the answers are, just they don’t feel safe to participate..so help them participate..get them to explain to you (individually) when you check on them while they’re doing their work, get them in groups so they don’t have the fear of having a big audience..introverts like to have their own space and time and of course we have the privilege of providing them with those necessities..just be sure you check on them..

next up with my students, they’d be doing A LOT of reading activities..all thanks to my newly arrived boxes of books 🙂


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