of having breakfast at home..

when was the last time i write in BM..?ahh~!!! i desperately need to write in BM again..but no, i’m not writing this post in BM..

anyway, i went to the school’s cafe to have breakfast with my senior this morning..and i could see that most of the teachers had their breakfast in school..i went like “poor them, they don’t have the privilege of having breakfast at home with their family..everyone is rushing to work..how unhealthy and financially unfriendly the practice is..”

i grew up with my grandparents..of course my grandma would have the time to wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast for me..she’d make some banana fritters, some traditional kuih like kuih abuk abuk if she prepared everything the night before..kuih udang, karipap, nasi goreng, mee goreng etc..at least she would make roti bakar or lempeng with sambal ikan bilis..i’ve never gone to school feeling hungry in the morning..

and when i was in high school, well the dewan makan prepared breakfast for us..so yeah, there’s always breakfast..whether or not i had the time to take it was then the only issue..and in uni, i’d always make sure at least i had some breakfast before going to the class..and while i’m doing my practical here in melaka, my mom always made sure i’d have my breakfast before leaving for school..

my point is, i really think we should have breakfast at home, or have something for meal being prepared from home..it’ll be quite a commitment but if you’re used to it, then it’ll feel awkward if you have to take breakfast outside..i mean, when i was in wellington, i see people bringing their own brunch as a culture..isn’t that more economical and more healthy..?

if i should have a family, i’d try to prepare breakfast for them..if they can’t have it at home they can take it away with them and have the meal at their school/workplace..at least i know they’re eating healthy and we can save a lot from that practice too..and most importantly, it helps create a strong bond among the family members..ada banyak kasih sayang dalam semua tu untuk dibiarkan terbazir..sayangkan kalau tak digunakan..?


3 thoughts on “of having breakfast at home..

  1. alright, im looking forward for some banana fritters, some traditional kuih like kuih abuk abuk, kuih lopes, kuih koci, karipap daging etc and nasi goreng, mee goreng nasi lemak nasi ayam for my breakfast.. tak main la roti gardenia tu.. ok? 😀

  2. haha..that sounds like a feast! think you’d need to lend a hand, boleh..?wake up at 6 even though ur office hour starts at 8:30 :p make sure you could 🙂

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