i miss going to lectures and coming home having plenty of things to write about..listening to amazing stories, looking at things differently and tasting the totally different air – sure prompting me into thinking about a lot of things worth sharing at this little space..yea, i miss that place..i miss all the different inputs that have been making me see things critically..

but anyway, i still enjoy what i have now..the people around me, the things happening to me, the reality that has been slapping me so hard on the face..at least every little thing and every single person are teaching me to be realistic..

so what’s with me now..?*as if i have fans wanting to know my recent updates* :p now i’m wearing braces πŸ˜€ i don’t really have serious dental issues but yea, i just don’t want to wait until it gets so serious and un-fix-able..i don’t want to regret not fixing it when i can..and oh..it’s been quite painful and by quite i mean VERY painful and keeps me awakened several times at night as i can feel a pounding sensation on my gums 😦

so now i can’t really chew food as i will bite my inside cheek and i can feel a couple of ulcers are developing inside there..and now i have to actually, temporarily give up on the one thing i usually enjoy the most – eating!!!

and yea, boyfriend was not being supportive at all T_T boyfriend, that doesn’t help at all, ok..no love for me! 😦 :p

and the girls..we haven’t been spending time together for quite a bit now..we talked, a lot, we do..but presence do make a difference..wish you well girls..we’re now talking about real problems and possibilities aren’t we..?we’re growing up, can you believe that..?! take good care girls..and yea, all the best too..if you know what i mean πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “updates..

  1. ah yuyu!!!
    mane gmba with braces???
    i wanna see!!
    tau pun u dont have serious issuse tp gatal nk pkai knp?
    slmt merana cik yuyu
    skrg ko sakitt x selesa
    pastu kne pkai retainer
    bile malas pakai n gigi ko gerak balik pun sakit ok
    ulcers will be your bestfriend!
    n ko akan lose weight ape (not that you need to lose any weight nway)
    so njoy ur experience
    ak xdpt byg mcmane ko mngajar bile ko xselesa

  2. hahaha..cik sha! πŸ™‚
    nanti aku upload gambar berbraces kat FB k..
    and xde maknanya aku akan hilang those weights..
    aku makan sihat je..
    even makan porridge, tp byk je aku makan..
    so far ajar w braces ok la..
    jz dgn baju kurung la aku masih struggle..
    mmg seriously nnti lpas kerja and lpas 6 bulan dah sah jawatan tu, mmg aku akan pakai apa aku nak..*tinggi hokeh cita2* haha..
    cik sha, imissyou!!!

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