papi! :)

i stumbled into this a wee while ago..

and i couldn’t stop replaying the music video~!!! 😆 seems like there are just so much fun in the video and being j.lo she never fails to add in sexyness in her moves..dear j.lo – what did you do to get such legs and ass..?i want such legs and ass ❗ 😥

anyway, it so happens that i have quite plenty of time to waste so yes, i have the time to analyse the music video..look what i find:

1) there are the new blackberry bold 9900, tous, fiat 500 by gucci (yes you read me, by gucci) and some other names like volvo and bmw being used in this music video – turning this video into an ad – which i think is a smart move, though both bmw and volvo are depicted as old, lame and as good as dead (burned and crashed) valueless..but yeah, it works for the americans 🙂

2) the groove in the mob..really they know how to make it looks real..i think if a malaysian singer is to do a mob like that, i think it will be hard for the supporting roles to appear real with their acting..the stunts work, the expressions work and most importantly the group dance works as well – even they’re using a round, aging and balding uncle 😛

3) i love the language~!!! how can one not fall for the latinos when they speak..?and hey, they make some latino moves too..now i wish i’ve taken up Spanish back in uni..and oh, i couldn’t figure out what language did the african american woman who appears at the beginning of the video speaks..but she does sound beautiful with her language..tell me if you know what language she speaks, ya 🙂

4) a man riding a horse chasing after j.lo..?in LA..?it sure makes the exaggeration works..it skids from the theme but why go for the cliche..?

5) she wears a jumpsuit without looking like a 40 year-old mom trying desperately to look like a cute baby in a romper..i wish my name is j.lo ahhh~!!! T_T

**repeat the music video**
**te quiero papi!**


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