true..i need that..

it’s been a while since i last had my sleep disrupted that i got awakened in the middle of the night..but lately it’s coming back again..not a good sign, i knew..and it’s not as easy as before this – when i eventually came to term with it – that i didn’t need that much sleep..the whole processes restarted and now i’m struggling in the middle of the night, trying to force myself to sleep and of course i became so annoyed thinking that i’d need to wake up early the next morning to go to work..and yes, i have to stay awake to drive and to teach..

so if it’s when i was a student back in uni, i’d blame the stress from the studies i’ve to do but now it’s quite irrelevant for me to blame the stress from work because no, i’m not really working yet..

em, now that i mentioned it, i think that’s the reason why..i’m not supposed to be working yet but i’ve been doing all the works as if i’m a full time teacher..and it’s even harder because i still have to do my assignments as a student..i’m both a teacher and a student, no wonder it’s twice as hard 😦

and you know what i’m feeling now..i’m sleepy but not sleepy enough to sleep..my head feels a bit heavy and i’m walking with three quarter of the mass balance left..

i’m gonna find therapy for sleep then..zzzzz

boyfriend so gonna eat me if he reads this..

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