now here’s the plan..

think now i’m undergoing some growing up pains..haha..and i’m taking it slow so i won’t screw anything..hopefully things will fall together..

1) now i’ve to really use my time well so i can complete all the requirements for the TE portfolio..
2) and, i need to really consider which university i will be going for my post graduate studies – so i don’t have to travel far from my school, and most importantly, it cannot be so expensive..
3) and i was thinking of getting myself a car by early next year..
4) so obviously i should land myself a job, at least until i will be called for a posting..
5) oh, i will be flying off for graduation and really i need to make up my mind on what i should be wearing – should i buy or should i use whatever i have..
6) and i need to think of getting an insurance..

slowly, i’ll just take one step at a time, Godwillingly 🙂

TE 2011

i’m writing again..

it’s been a while since i last wrote here..really i avoid writing when i couldn’t find anything positive if not interesting to write about..


the long awaited observation is now over and i’m glad to say it went well despite the limited time to prepare..the team building camp was not bad either though it’s been causing me a bit of a fever and severe head ache on the day i needed to be observed..

someone told me, what i’m undergoing now could be the worst, and it couldn’t get any worse..so yea, really i hope it taught me well..

and i wish too, i will not lose all the good values i learned from uni, and i wouldn’t be seeing the inappropriate practices as appropriate..

anyway, parents came to school today to discuss with the teachers on how their kids have been doing at school – specifically exams..i could see that these parents were concerned parents and too bad the system was not really helping them..they thought they have done enough, even the kids have been trying hard enough yet there’s not much that can be seen in terms of exam results..

really i wish i could open a school where the students can develop on what they’re good at, and the system will support however small their achievement are..

TE 2011

whatever you say, sir..

so it’s confirmed now that i will be observed by my lecturer on the 17th, and as for now, it is still compulsory for me to go to the team building camp in Lenggong from the 14th until the 16th..i will be arriving in Melaka around 8:00pm or 9:00pm on the 16th and my observation will take place around 8:30am the next morning..and sorry dear dentist, i’ve to postpone my appointment until i know when i’ll have the time..dear lecturer, let’s just pray i won’t screw the lesson..

i’ve presented my case and it has been rejected..

i rest my case, que sera sera..


TE 2011

of a human capital..

let’s just say, i know a friend who reads a lot, been traveling around the world, been seeing a lot of different people, been experiencing all the different lives different cultures have to offer..let’s just say he’s a good student and not to mention he’s now a very good teacher in the making..yes, he’s still learning to becoming a teacher just like me but the knowledge he has makes him stands out further than the rest of us..

too bad the school and the teachers he is working with do not see him as a valuable human capital that he can be further developed and trained to be a valuable asset to the school and to the whole system in general..

he might appear to be a little too boastful, talking about things so foreign to the people around him – he’s talking from experience and books; too bad you don’t know anything about it and it’s further your loss for not wanting to care when there is a generous someone who’s willing to share for free..

i know it’s in our culture that we need to remain humble, and showing off will only make people stare at you in disgust..

but i have no idea our culture tells us to be acting stupid – telling all these sage and wise persons to shut up and smother their abilities to accommodate to the majority of the population who appear to be less knowledgeable..?is that what your culture tells you..?no, not my friend’s culture..not my culture..and how is that practice helpful in creating a valuable human capital that could be the asset to the country..?

God gives us two ears to listen..and only one mouth to speak..doesn’t that tell you enough that you have to listen more than you should speak..?so listen to these wise people and use the most precious gift God has given you to judge on how could you make the knowledge useful, not how to shut down this person and tell him off..