TE 2011

whatever you say, sir..

so it’s confirmed now that i will be observed by my lecturer on the 17th, and as for now, it is still compulsory for me to go to the team building camp in Lenggong from the 14th until the 16th..i will be arriving in Melaka around 8:00pm or 9:00pm on the 16th and my observation will take place around 8:30am the next morning..and sorry dear dentist, i’ve to postpone my appointment until i know when i’ll have the time..dear lecturer, let’s just pray i won’t screw the lesson..

i’ve presented my case and it has been rejected..

i rest my case, que sera sera..



2 thoughts on “whatever you say, sir..

  1. kesian gle yuyu!!
    anyway, I always say this to myself, if u cant change the situation, change your perception of the situation. since u really are going to the camp why dont u try have a blast overthere and im sure u’ll learn lots of good stuff too.. anyway, i know u’ll do great during the observation. and even if u screw up (which, knowing u, I am confident that u wont) its not like we’re going to be solely judge based on our performance on that day, but how we were in previous lessons. dont fret too much ok! insyaAllah ok!! (kata2 dari orang yang portfolionye ntah ape cerita. huaa. stress!)

    1. haha sarah portfolio aku pun sepah2 lagi ni..thank you so much sarah..let’s pray for a successful outcome no matter what stands in our way..have faith in yourself sarah..you sure can teach well too..thank you for dropping by 🙂

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