TE 2011

i’m writing again..

it’s been a while since i last wrote here..really i avoid writing when i couldn’t find anything positive if not interesting to write about..


the long awaited observation is now over and i’m glad to say it went well despite the limited time to prepare..the team building camp was not bad either though it’s been causing me a bit of a fever and severe head ache on the day i needed to be observed..

someone told me, what i’m undergoing now could be the worst, and it couldn’t get any worse..so yea, really i hope it taught me well..

and i wish too, i will not lose all the good values i learned from uni, and i wouldn’t be seeing the inappropriate practices as appropriate..

anyway, parents came to school today to discuss with the teachers on how their kids have been doing at school – specifically exams..i could see that these parents were concerned parents and too bad the system was not really helping them..they thought they have done enough, even the kids have been trying hard enough yet there’s not much that can be seen in terms of exam results..

really i wish i could open a school where the students can develop on what they’re good at, and the system will support however small their achievement are..


2 thoughts on “i’m writing again..

    1. something like that..somewhere they can learn that if they can’t find a job, they can offer everyone else jobs..sounds too ambitious, no..?haha..

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