allow me, i’m making excuses..

you know why i think i need more time to adjust..?*yes, i’m making excuses for myself* haha 😀

i came back in mid june, then i had to prepare myself for the coming T.E – went to HQ several times for a meeting, had to arrange several things for T.E – accommodation, food, transportation, allowance etc..

my application for honours was turned down..

i had a really bad experience with my TE..not that i didn’t learn anything good from it but the bad ones were too dominant..

oh, i came back for my best friend’s engagement too..and guess what, she’s happily preparing for her big day now..and i’m very happy for her 🙂 – can i not get affected by this too..?trust me i tried hard but i can’t..not that it’s a bad thing, but with good things they make me think harder! *pengsan* – like the cost, the preparations, meeting the parents etc..banyak rupanya nak kena fikir.. T_T

and now that i’ve completed my T.E, i have to think about what should i be doing now, at least until i get posted, which i’m not sure when either..according to the seniors, they had their posting around mid and end of february but our director has been telling us we’d have our posting sooner than that..

i was thinking of finding a job, just to have some extra pocket money for things i’d like to buy for myself..but who’d land me a job if i were to take a 10-day break in mid december..?and i’ve a plan of having a short vacation too..

and i’ve to enroll for masters before january..

and a lot more happening in between..trust me, A LOT!

can i say there are just too much to process in 5 months..?indeed! someone please teach me how to survive on my own..i’m SO not used to having to work my ass off to support myself..and reality, please be kind to me 😦


7 thoughts on “allow me, i’m making excuses..

    1. i need it~!!! stress la ariff 😦 anyway, for the nth of times, *aku tau kau belum beli lagi* jgn lupa belikan aku fridge magnet..yeh 🙂

  1. masters yu?
    where? when? in what?
    i was planning to continue but definitely not in my first year kot
    too much burden to handle , nk kne adjust dgn work environment la pe la

    1. kalau enrolment semua thru, i’Allah start bulan 1 nanti..mmg akan buat off campus la..kelas yg jenis on weekends..ingt nak buat kat UKM sebab dekat..tp may be akan buat dekat UM sbb UM ada linguistics yg established..

      may be tak larat jgak tp senior teachers kat sekolah aku ckp, susah nak dpt kebenaran pengatua, so it’s wise jgak la kot, to immediately start..

  2. haha why is it kita da boleh agak yang sha akan komen pasal master tu?? hehehe.. and im right.. tapi agak la, ur continuing in what?kalau x silap for education, kalau nak sambung master kne ada at least one year work experience,, i guess ur not into education la kut?

    1. not in education kot sarah..aku ingat nak pursue linguistics..sociolinguistics kalau boleh 🙂

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