my version of monsoon history..

i’ve been catching up with cold quite so badly and boyfriend has been telling me to take some lemsips..ya right, guilty much boyfriend..?haha..i’ve no one to blame but you with this running nose..grrrr~ 😡

but nah~that’s not about it..i went out earlier during the day to buy some cat food and since it’s almost tea time, i bought some banana fritters at the roadside stalls..the rain just stopped at that time so i thought some hot banana fritters would allow you to really indulge with the after-rain effects..and it worked!

i came home when mom already made some warm tea..unlike the famous monsoon history, she had hot milo while reading her novel, i replaced milo with tea and chucked away books while maintaining the monsoon..really it felt like home..something that i’ve been missing for too long..and yea, warm tea helped ease the cold 🙂

it’s been a while since the monsoon started..but only now i got to appreciate it better..really, the nature never failed to show you the love it had..i imagined it would be better with people i love around 🙂


5 thoughts on “my version of monsoon history..

    1. kan..?xpe you’ll be back soon..you’ll miss that gloomy and freaking cold weather plak..

    1. eh eh sorryyyyyyyy~!!! aku tak check at mentions..aku scroll je smlm..aku dh check dh..it’s ok 🙂 lain kali bwk lunch yg dh penat masak tu kat rumah aku..haha..tu la..kalau kau ada smlm boleh mkn pisang goreng panas sambil lepak2..

  1. orang kata kalau sakit jangan salah kan orang lain, redha je… inshaallah terhapus dosa 🙂

    tapi jangan gunakan itu sebagai alasan utk tidak cuba sihat sejahtera. pegi beli ubat skrg! haha.

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