of being around..

now it seems like every time i’m writing a new post, it’ll be a while since i last wrote anything here..not that i’m experiencing a writer’s block, i just feel like what i have in mind is not worth writing it down..

hey yuyu,

it’s still very early in the morning, why so negative..?alright, let’s flip the leaves and turn into a new beginning 🙂

oh, some friends’ hands were asked in marriage in the past few weeks and some of them just tied their knots..i’m very happy for you and i’m wishing you guys, a lifetime of togetherness..thank you for the invitations and really every ceremony is beautiful in its own way 🙂

and just last week my friends came down to Melaka for a short trip and i was invited to join them so i was more than happy to join and be their tour guide..well actually i was not interested to try all the attractions that were made available here – i’m a native, i would be here for forever so why bother..?*sombong la senang cerita 😛 *

but trust me it’s so much fun! 😀 i never thought the boat ride would give us plenty of beautiful shots..i wont spoil the surprise if you plan to visit, but trust me you can never see that number of murals anywhere else in Malaysia 😉 but currently it’s the school holiday season so the town was jam-packed at every hour! 😯 so careful when you drive around..to the girls, thank you for coming 🙂

the tourist pose..

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